James Smith

My object is to lead the mind . . .
from SELF — to Jesus;
from sin — to salvation;
from the troubles of life — to the comforts of the gospel.

My aim is . . .
to humble the sinner — and exalt the Savior;
to strip the creature — and place the crown on the head of God's free grace! I cannot ascribe too much to Jesus — or too little to man!

James Smith AUDIO gems

James Smith BOOKS

Treasures from James Smith

Comfort for Christians
(30 page booklet)

A Review

Smith's Personal Testimony

Smith's Conversion

A Child is in the Well!

The Believer's portion!

Walking Through the Wilderness!

The Wealthy Family!

Delighting in God!

Troubles, Troubles, Troubles!

Precious Promises for Aged Saints

Paul's Seven Wishes

A Curious Meditation

Abide with Me

The Bitterness of Sin!

An Offensive Question!

The True Remedy

The Physician!

Christ Precious!

Christ All in All!

The Complaint

God's Special Treasure

Redeeming Love!

Almost Gone!

Strangers and Pilgrims!

This is the True Grace of God

The Zealous Christian!

The Proper Aim of a Christian's Life

The One Mediator!

The Restless Bed

Israel's Need — and God's Mercy


Fear and Folly

Precept and Prayer

God Leading His People Through the Wilderness

What Mercy Did for us

Our Condition — God's Mercy!

The Rest!

The Good Fortune!

The Judge!

Divine Care!

The Incomparable Rock!

Set up Waymarks!

Christ Died for Our Sins!

A New Year's Motto!

Hidden Sin!

Knowledge Promised

The Sure Resource!

Joseph's Dying Words



One Hour After Death!

Jehovah Incomparable!

The Threatenings of God

The Alarm and Inquiry!

The Lost Soul's Request!


The Great Defect!

The Gospel

The Wheat and the Chaff

Yet They Are Your People

The Potter!

The Law of Your Mother!

Abiding in Christ

More of Christ! More of Christ!

Sighing for Jesus!

Bitter and Sweet!

Desires Regarded

Brought Low — but Helped

The Remedy for a Troubled Heart!

The Savior's Will

In Word and in Power


Consistent Teaching



Come unto Me!
(evangelistic sermon)

O That I Had the Wings of a Dove!

The King's Highway

The Cords of Love!

God is Love!

The Love of Jesus!

Abounding Grace!

The Past Reviewed

The True Token!

The Burden!

What Is Your Life?

The Spirit's Work in the Believer

Guide Me, Teach Me!

True Wisdom Incomparable

An Israelite Indeed!

God's Knowledge of Us

The Prayer of Moses

Love Put to the Proof

A Seasonable Prescription

A Serious Inquiry

Christ's Estimate of His Church

The Life of God in the Soul

Loving Rebukes

Has God Forgotten to Be Gracious?

The Wise Choice!

Whose Slave Are You?


Boast Not!


Exhortation and Encouragement

What Do You Want?

Is this like Jesus?

Man's Expulsion

Ruin and Redemption

The Great Deceiver!

The Shepherd Seeking the Lost Sheep

Jesus and the Sinner

Look upon Me!

Comfort for the Christian

Do not be fainthearted or afraid!

Is Everything All Right?

Injustice in a Graveyard!

Painful Recollections

How Old Are You?

He Was Humbled

Reserved unto Judgment!

Joy Imparted

More Severe Punishment

God's Work — and Man's Work

Christian Fellowship

Poor Jack!


I have found Him whom my soul loves!

Man's Treatment of God's People

An Appeal to Reason and Faith

The Word of God

A New Year's Address

God's Remedy for Man's Malady

Grace for the Humble

I Do Not Change!

A Grateful Acknowledgment!

The Dry Bones!

Cling to the Cross!

Evidences of Salvation

The Righteous Mans Privilege


The Anger of God

The Fearful Destiny!

Strength for the Day

The Prescription!

The Bitter Cup

Sleeping in Jesus

Keep Close to Christ!

A Kind Inquiry

The Law of God

The Saint's Portion!

Glorious Liberty!

Delight in the Law of God

The Aged Believer's Three Last Wishes

A Question for Professors

An Antidote

Divine Chastening

On Mixtures!

Christian Sympathy

Love to God

A Desperate Case!

The Alarming Sentence!

The Safe Side!

I Was Taken by Surprise!

The Loved One Absent

What Shall We Say after This?

A Cause for Great Joy!

The Spirit Given to Instruct

The Holy Spirit

A Momentous Question

The Fallen Professor


Seven Solemn Subjects

The Spirit of Wisdom

Examination Sought

God is Merciful

The Comprehensive Promise

God's Ways with Moses

Evidences of Grace

Hope in Heaven

Christians Conversing with Each Other

The Great Day!

The True Grace of God

A Serious Charge!

Privilege, Duty and Promise

Delight in God!

Seek God and Live!

The Aged Believers Cordial

The Fear of the Grave


The Light of the World

The New Creation

God's Loving-kindness

My Support

The Believer's Present and Future

Christ Died for the Ungodly!

Love to the Word — a Source of Peace

The Way to Be Wealthy and Happy!

First Love Left

Counsel and Promise

Not Far from the Kingdom

The Right Use of the Law

A Hiding God

Hearing the Gospel

Temple Thoughts

On the Wrong Side of the Thatch

Sleeping with the Fathers

The Words of the Lord Jesus

My Needs

Surely I am with you always!

Surprising Mercy!

The Dangerous Progress!

The three states

Salvation by Grace!


That Great Shepherd

A Word to the Bereaved

The Spirit of Faith


Direction For the Perplexed

The Christian's Daily Prayer

Affliction Regarded

The Contrast!

God's Hidden Ones

You Are Dead!

Good and Evil Alike from God

Remember the Former Days

Rest in Prospect

Three Bad Companions!

Anointed with Fresh Oil

The Place to Choose

The Difference

The Beloved

Loved and Blessed

The Foolish Choice!

Light for Dark Days

Ignorance of the Future

Christ's Little Ones

Lest They Should Be Converted

The Sons of God

Hezekiah's Testimony

Glad Tidings of Good Things

Bring Him unto Me

Warned, Admonished and Encouraged

The Dew of Heaven

Nothing Impossible

Moses' Hands

The Christian's Claim

The Testimony of God

Idols Removed

God is Love

The Correction of Love

God is Faithful

Saints Never Forgotten!



Food for Faith

The Character of Christ's Church

Onward to the Rescue!

A Neglected Command


The Love of God

Be Strong, Do not Fear

The Kindness of God

The Lord's Goodness

My Savior!

Not of the World

The Relationship


He Ever Lives!

Direction for the Afflicted

The Believer and the Unbeliever

A Motto!


After This, the Judgment!

The Sinner's Doom!

Hearken and Hear!

The Alarm-bell!

Fear Produced!

Fear Prohibited!

Nothing Too Hard for God!

The Love of the Spirit

Wesley's Motto!

Gracious Teaching

True Riches and Honor

An Enlarged Heart and its Effect

David in the Forest

The Inquiry!

A Powerful Inducement to Liberality

The Ungrateful!

The Detection!

Called of God

Justified by His Blood

The Day of Judgment

Confidence in God


The Children's Privileges

A Useful Test

A Devotional Glimpse at Psalm 23

The Glories of Christ!

The Sick Man's Prayer

The Faithful Promiser

Bondage and Liberty


No Comparison!

Misery Forgotten!

He Had No Heart in Religion

The Attitude of Creation

The Present State of Creation

The Hope of Creation

Nature and Grace Groaning

Salvation by Hope

The Object of Hope

The Hope of the Hypocrite

The Lord Present to Save

Holiness Unto the Lord

An Ever-Present Help!

We Groan Being Burdened

The Promise of the Spirit

No Trial Strange

Mercy Inviting the Backslider

The Voice of Christ

You Will Being Me unto Death

Are you a Christian?

The Honor of the Godly

Saved from Wrath!

The Cup Prepared

How to Find Rest

All Things Possible with God

A Letter to the Author
(on assurance)

The Bitter Taunt

God is as Good as His Word

Holy Violence!

Patient Waiting

May Your Will be Done!

God is Mighty!

God is Love!

Drawing Back

Relationship and Attention

Following Jesus

Following the Lamb!

The Poor Satisfied

Enduring Trials

Hear Counsel

Neglect of Duty — a Sin

Wounding Jesus!

Consolation in Christ!

The Comfort of Love

The Fellowship of the Spirit

Tender Mercies

Food for Hungry Souls

Great Grace for Great Sinners!

God's Pattern

The Wise and Their Reward

The Liar's Portion!

The Purchaser's Sin!

The Mourning Dove

Come Boldly to the Throne

A Mistake in Business!

Man or God?

Help Sought!

Comfort for the Cast Down

I Know the Judge!

Love to Christ

I Think of Jesus!

The Great Change!

The Savior's Warning!

A Profitable Reflection

The Tried Saint!

A Word for Pastors

Oh, I am on Fire!

The Secret!

Patience, the Necessary Grace

Great Searchings of Heart

The All-sufficient One!

I'll Do it Now!

Future Events in Which You Are Interested!

Christ is All!

Wondrous Love!!!

Comfort For a New Year


The Lord Is My Strength

The End of Man

It is Finished!

Love to Ordinances

A Good Plan

The Way to Be Happy!

Death at Hand!

Come and Rest Awhile

The Sinner's Doom!

Blessings to Be Daily Sought

The Glorious Builder!

The King on His Throne!

The Priest on His Throne!

Jesus in Heaven

Care Disposed Of

Do Not Be Afraid!

Wake Up!

The Spirit of Life

The Spirit of Grace

The Spirit of Revelation

The Rambler's Rest

He Set My Feet upon a Rock

God's Record

Will You Also Go Away?

A Christian!

The Effect of Pardon
(great evangelistic sermon)

The Careless Admonished!
(great evangelistic sermon)

The Resolve
(evangelistic tract)

The Easy Yoke


God is Love!

Time for God to Work!

Standing in Grace

The Desire

Paul's Practice

Look Higher!

The Inquiry!

A Morning Thought

The Proposal and Promise

A Mistake Corrected

The Sincerity of Love

How to Be Useful

True Wisdom and its Result

Contempt of God and its Consequences

The Distinguishing Prayer

The Believer Commended

Wanderers Invited to Rest

The Effect of the New Birth

Common Mercies

Our Prospect and Provision

The Dying Missionary's Admonition

The Grave of Jesus

A Prayer in Soul Trouble

David's Testimony


A Universal Prayer

Man's Folly — and God's Testimony

A Solemn Thought

The Lord's Remnant

The Power of the Spirit

The Outpouring of the Spirit

God's Presence in His House

The Good Shepherd

Abide with the King

We Should Believe the Prophets!

Waiting for Salvation


Sickness is for Gods Glory

The Safeguard!

The Sure Resource

Utterly Helpless!

Suppose I Should Die Suddenly!

What Do We Need?

Family Prayer

The Preparation of the Heart

The Word of Command

Is it Possible?

The Value and Use of Blood!

Real Religion

The Voice of the Charmers!


The Glorious Liberty

The Backslider Conquered!

The Withered Vine

The Weak Heart

Jesus All-sufficient


Deborah's Benevolent Desire

The Sure Resource!

The Inquiry

Waiting for the Hope of Righteousness

A Regret and Determination

Hindering the Gospel

The Lord's Mercies

The Old Man

The Home of My Heart

ABEL; Or, The Young Man's Offering

ENOCH; Or, The Young Man's Walk

MOSES; Or, The Young Man's Choice

JOSHUA; Or, The Young Man's Courage

DANIEL; Or, The Young Man's Purity

SARAH; Or, The Power of Faith

MIRIAM; Or, The Power of Gratitude

RUTH; Or, The Power of Affection

HANNAH; Or, The Power of Prayer

ABIGAIL; Or, The Power of Prudence

MARY; Or, The Power of Penitence

The Father's Direction

Is the Young Man Safe?

The Glories of Christ!

A Token for Good

It Will All End in Mercy!

Sorrow for Sin

The Ruler and His Child

The Light of the Gentiles

God Speaking!

A Solemn Question!
(evangelistic tract)

What Am I?

A Good Hope Through Grace

A Pleasant Sight!

The Believers Inheritance

Twenty Good Reasons for Not Going to a Religious Concert

Man's Choice!

The Desponding Encouraged

He Who Seeks, Finds

The Powerful Deliverer!

God's Mercy to the Gentiles

Comfort for Zion's Travelers

The Mystery of Mercy

Rejoicing in Messiah's Name

Not Orphans!

The Friend of the Fatherless

The Single Christian's Rule

The Wise Conclusion

Willful Blindness

The Sinless Sin-bearer

A Silent God

A Salve for Every Sore!

Holding the Head

Ready for the Bridegroom

God's Temple and Priesthood

Chosen to Salvation

Salvation for WHOM is it Provided?

The Invitation to the Beloved

The Careless Threatened

Overcome Evil with Good

Affectionate Inquiries

The Savior's Right

Partial and Perfect

Gracious Dealings

Abiding Love

God Glorified by Sickness

Strength Promised

The Prospect!

The Happy Debtor

The Love of Christ!

The Fullness of Christ!

The Invitation

The Incarnate Word

The Throne of Grace

Apostolic Reckoning

More Grace Given

Wearisome Nights Appointed

Sick Saints, One with Jesus

The Promise to Prayer

The Christian's Model

Be Patient

Prayer Neglected

The Pardoning God

He is the one you are to fear!

Safety at Night

Despised by God

Our Gathering Together

Redemption from the Curse!

How Can We Drive Them Out?

Jesus in His Garden

Establishment by Faith

In Christ


The Bridegroom Came!

Kindness Shown in Adversity

Divine Teaching

The Servant's Encouragement

I Expect Great Things Then

A Source of Comfort

Gods Word Must Rule Me

Reader, are You a Christian?

Who is the Lord?

When Will You Decide?

Limiting God

A Wealthy Woman

How Shall I Honor Jesus Today?

The Secret

Righteous and Safe

Christ Lives in Me

The Ruling Will

God Meeting With Us

Remember the Lord

The Work of the Holy Spirit

The Spirit's Work

The Desires and Privilege of the Humble

We See Jesus!

Redemption in Christ

God's Presence Promised

How Long Have I to Live?

Useful Employment

You Are Christ's

Are You Safe for Eternity?

What is Conversion?

A Man of Sorrows

Be Still


A Testimony

Our Father's Demand

Wait on the Lord

Vain Thoughts

The Matter Cleared Up!

The Day of Salvation

Faith and Unbelief

The First Bud



The Hindrance to Prayer

Prayer Forbidden

The Disowned

The Acknowledged

Counsel Refused!
(evangelistic message)


Christ a King!

Where Is He?

Great, Glorious, and Free!

Blessed of the Lord

Numbering Our Days

Our Trust is in God

The Joyful Sound!

The Position and Practice of the Bride!

Grace! Grace!

A Strong Staff


The Blessing Commanded

Danger and Deliverance

The Children's Mark

The Wrong Place!

The Backslider's Resolution

The Backslider's Petition

To the Bereaved

Continue in Prayer

Keeping Back Part of the Price

The Alluring

Constraining Love

Jesus Not Known

Power! Power!


Idle Professors

The One Thing Needful

Falling, Yet Safe!

The Desires Granted

A Voice from Hell!

A Voice from the Continent


The Elect One

Hiding with God

The Admonition of Wisdom

The Way to Be Saved

What I Want in Prayer

Heaven upon Earth

God's Request

Come unto Me!

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

The Breath of Our Nostrils!

The New Commandment

The Mournful Complaint

The Wonder!

The Effect of Freedom

The Husband's Duty

The Wife's Duty

The Parent's Duty

The Father's Prayer

The Successful Mother

The Child's Guide

The Father's Joy

The Question and Reply
(evangelistic article)

The Fullness of the Gospel

Consolation for the Weak

David Recovered All

The Time is Short!

The Lord's People

Counsel and Comfort

The Faithful Promise

Sorrow and Joy!

A Look!

Micah's Complaint

The Lord's Requirement

Peace Made

The Second Coming of Jesus


The Design of Christ's Coming

Light for a Dark Hour

No Longer Strangers


A Birthday Meditation

The Horn of Salvation!

The Painful and Pleasant

The First Day of the New Year

The Three Great R's

The Happy Poor

Oh, That Satin!

The Question

Laboring for Rest

The Backslider Invited

The Touching Prayer

The Comprehensive Promise

The Strange Announcement

The Unpardonable Sin

The All-comprehending One

God Is Faithful

Mighty to Save!

Salvation by Grace

Have I Been Born Again?

The Way to Succeed!

An Address to a Church in a Low Condition

The Source of All Good

Firmly United to Christ

The Poor Man's Course and Comfort

The Way to Please God

Peace! Peace!

A Great Savior!

The Striking Change!

Love to Christ

Jesus is Always the Same

A Message from God!

Paul's Determination

Preservation Sought

Persevere to the End

Lost! Lost!

Compel Them to Come In!

Don't Be Shy!

Full Confidence in Jesus

The Power of Christ

The Need of the Times

Walk Worthy of God

The Privilege

David Before the Lord

The Greatest Loss

Christ is Our Peace

A Cause of Danger

Come unto Me!

The Depths!

Life Through Believing

I must Be Useful!

The Savior's Complaint

A Proposal

A Kind Wish

The Test!

The Christian's Walk

Not out of Danger Yet!

Have You Finished?

The Spirit of Christ

Be Strong in Grace

The Spirit of Adoption

Rest and Give Thanks

Appearance and Reality

Abraham's Trial

God's People Warned

The Lord Has Done Great Things for Us!

Secure Christ for Your Friend

Christian Liberty

A Young Mother's Prayer

A Portion for New Year's Day

The Hospital

Where is Sarah?

Satisfying Mercy

Believers Dealt with as Sons

Abundance of Grace

Prayer For Divine Teaching

The Lamb's Book of Life

The Good Soldier's Prayer

The Good Soldier's Purpose

The Good Soldier's Pursuit

The Good Soldier's Object

The Good Soldier's Prospect

An All-sufficient Savior

Why Should I Fear?

The Friends of Christ

Whose Son Are You?

Our Comforter

The True Light

Jesus Preaching

Prayer for the Dark Places

Job's Inquiry

Is it Time?

Sin and Salvation

Hope Encouraged

Where Are You?



No Time to Be Lost!

The Stimulus

A Source of Comfort

Alone with God

It Behooved Christ to Suffer

Much Love

The Aim of Life!

No Excuse!
(evangelistic sermon)

Escape For Your Life!

Our Strength

Peace with God

The Antidote to Fear

Prosperity Anticipated

Belief in Trouble

No Cause for Sadness

Saving Souls


No Condemnation

God's Design in Revealing Sin

The Fear of Death

An Inquiry for the New Year

He Shall Save a Soul from Death!

A Message from God!


The Savior's Requirements

Jesus, the Resurrection and the Life

Are You Anxious about Your Soul?

What Will You Do in the Last Conflict?

Paul's Last Testimony

The Friend I Have Above

The Voice of God in the
Alarming Death of Jane


You Came Down

Job's Experience

Hating Christ

Obstinacy and Folly

The Godly Man's Prayer

On Desires

The True Christian

A Loss Deprecated

Christian Employees

The Substitute Delivered for the Guilty

The Depths!

The Comfortless Christian

A Cure For Care

Grace Be With You

The Deceitfulness of Sin!

The Design of the Gospel

The Willful Sin!

For whom did Christ die?

Forty Years Hence

Are You Sure You Are Right?

I Won't be forced!

I Won't Be Persuaded!

The Happy Loss

Good Advice!

The Little Irish Missionary

He Is Worthy

The Love of Your Espousals

For — or Against

The Heart Not Right

A Call on the Redeemed

The Marvelous Exchange!

For WHOM, and for WHAT Did Christ Die?

What Are You to Christ?

Effectual Calling

Jesus Glorified, and the Sinner Encouraged

The Unspeakable Gift!

The Invitation of Boaz to Ruth

A Wise Course

The Headship of Christ

I Will Sing of Mercy

Repentance and Faith

Ah! That's Hard Work!

As Happy as a Prince!

Reproved by a Child

A Word to the Unconverted

A Vessel of Mercy

The Kindness of God

Eternal Life!

I Have Had a View!


Living to Purpose

A Duty and Privilege

Why Not Me?

The Final Testimony

Am I in the Right Road?

Counsel for the Young

God's Word to Young Women

A Sorrowful Inquiry

A Letter to You

The Motions of the Spirit

Do You Mean It?

An Expostulation

How Shall We Escape?

I Want a Change

Set Your House in Order!

Knowing the Time!

If God is for Us — Who Can be Against us?

A Satisfactory Testimony

Look Upon Me!

Satanic Hindrances

The World's Wants

David's Determination

Divine Equity

A Serious Question

Only Believe!

The Lord Comforting His People

Satan and Job

Healed and Commended

God's Great Love

Favor Neglected

The Sinner Appealed To

The Blessed Man

Gods Gracious Proposal

Considerations in Adversity

The Holy Spirit

Cheap Bargains!

The Lord's Supper

The Repeal of the Union

Only Half Awake!

The Mercy of God

Sympathy with Sufferers

A Terrible Charge!

O Sing unto the Lord a New Song!

What Some Soldiers Did

Every Christian to His Closet!

A Stimulus



Thirsting for God

Is God Able and Willing to Save Me?

Prayer for Ministers

The Blessed of the Lord

I Shall Soon Be in Heaven!

An Address to a Newly Formed Church

The Living Stone

Happy Service

Prepared for the Worst!

The Parting Promise

Preaching Christ

A Happy State to Be In

Who Is a Christian?

Citizenship in Heaven

The Surety

You Will Revive Me

I Want to Know All about Jesus

Do You Belong to Jesus?

The Ground of Pardon

Silver and Gold

The Lord's Supper

When Am I to Obtain the Salvation of My Soul?

He Is Lord of All

No Light Thing!

Groping in the Dark

This Your Day!

Past and Present

The Grave Visited

Why Was I Born?

A Minister to His Congregation

The Day of Wrath

The Lord Will Do Me Good

Mourning Ended

A Hint on Usefulness
(Tract distribution)

Praying for Others

The Two Brothers

He Is More than All

Behold the Lamb of God!

He Died for Me

I Would Have Been in Hell!

Repentance Impossible

The Worldling Commended

Conversion a Cause of Joy


My Father Knows All about It

Behold the Man!

Sin and its Sentence

The Cause of Conquest

The Profession

Comfort for the Doubting

The Same Name!

Do Not Be Afraid

The Epitaph

Greater Joy

A Glorious Reproach

Are You Safe?

Why the Spirit Is Not Given

I Am Well Pleased

An Unwise Son

Pride Humbled, and Grace Exalted

Your Keeper!

Who is Your Master?

Salutary Thoughts

Does God Love Sinners?

Death Defied

Joy in Salvation!

Before and After

To Him Shall Men Come

Father! Father!

The Heart That Can Feel for Another

Why Professors Have No Assurance

Mind Your Own Business!

The Savior's Assurance

Is Your Heart Right?

A Just God and a Savior

The Only Savior!

What Does God Require?

Can God Forgive and Forget All?

A Sweet Thought

You, O God, See Me!

The Christian's State

Be Thankful

The Indispensable Evidence

The Way into the Holiest

Reminding and Pleading

Christ, the Substitute For His People

How Shall I Obtain Peace with God?

What Shall I Do?

A Fearful Confession!

I Want to Feel More

Love to the Saints

The Secret of True Happiness

There's No Fear for Me

An Evidence of Grace

How Samuel Williams Was Made Happy

Work, Power, and Union

Great Things!

Only Believe!

May and Must

An Answer Required

The Object to Be Pursued

Our Duty to the Heathen

The Prayer of Faith

An Apostolic Requirement

The Best Friend

The Sufficiency of Grace

The Prayer Meeting

The Sympathy of Jesus

Confidence in God

Remember Where You Are Going

Saul's Question Improved

David's Question Improved

The Jailor's Question Improved

The Power of Godliness

Serving Christ

Be Ready!

There Is Hope!

My Mother's Friend

Rejoicing in Tribulation

The Believer's Dignity

Present Privileges and Future Prospects

Looking for Jesus

A Purifying Hope

Converse With the Past

An Important Question

A Promise

Rich yet poor

Faith Necessary

What's Come to Dick?

A Word to the Young Christian

The Seed of Usefulness

The Alternative

Write the Vision

The Startling Demand

Be Faithful

A Wise Resolution

Hezekiah's Prayer

Apostolic Counsel

I Have Found Jesus!

Have You a Saving Interest in Christ?

A Word to Servants

A Proverb Improved

The Love of Christ

To the Children of Godly Parents

My Hope is in Jesus

A Solemn Charge

Suspecting God

A Word in Season

Someone is to Blame!

Your Position

Is PRAYER Profitable?

What Is My Business?

For What End Have I Lived?

I Will Trust!

The Indispensable

I Will Turn Over a New Leaf!

An Insolent Demand

Infant Baptism

O, give Thanks unto the Lord!

Hindrances to Conversion and Church Membership

What Do You Think of Christ?

Am I Born Again?

The State of the Unconverted

Real Conversion

The New Road

The Weaver's Shuttle

The People Worked with All Their Heart!

Are You Sure That You Are Right?

Indifference to Religion

Affection Baffled

Individual Duty

The Gleaners

Ask and Receive

A Word to Parents and Teachers

The Voice of the Clock

Mixed Marriages


A Lesson from Nelson

Grace Displayed

Will You Be Made Whole?

God's Solemn Affirmation

What Can I Do?

What Do I Wait For?

The Fullness of Grace and Truth



Conditions of a Revival

Religion in a Few Words

A Great High Priest

What is it to Believe?

Have You Heard the News?

A Visit to My Birthplace

Marks of a True Church

The Dressmaker and the Actress

"My object has always been to keep Christ constantly before the eye, and to enforce the precepts of the Divine word on the Lord's people — by the consideration of what Christ is to them, and has done for them — so that the love of Christ may constrain them to every good word, and every good work."

"I have received information of my books being made a blessing in many places. May the Lord make what I write a blessing, when my lips are silent in death!" James Smith, from his diary, January 1845


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