The Powerful Deliverer

by James Smith, 1860

"Their Redeemer is strong the Lord Almighty is his name!" Jeremiah 50:34

Israel had been given into the hand of the oppressor for sin had brought its punishment. The sufferings of the captivity were great. The time appointed was long. But the covenant still stood firm. The promises must be fulfilled. Their relationship with God was not disannulled. They were his people still. He was engaged to them still. He had power to deliver them. He was but waiting for the fittest time. Then,
the captive would be delivered;
the oppressed would be set free;
the scattered flock would be gathered;
the lost sheep would be found;
the Lord's heritage would be restored;
and the remnant of the house of Israel would be pardoned
  for "their Redeemer is strong, the Lord Almighty is his name!"

What the Lord was then to Israel he is now to his redeemed people; and the power he then exerted for them he will now exert for us. He is the Lord Almighty the God of armies, the God of battles. Victory or defeat lies with him. He is strong so strong that all created power is as nothing in comparison with him. He is almighty. Wondrously did he display his power, when he made a way through the Red sea; when he threw down the walls of Jericho; and when he delivered his people out of Babylon. These were only samples. They are recorded to . . .
strengthen our faith,
excite our hope, and
draw forth our prayers.

What he has done he can do, and if necessary will do again. He will deliver us in six troubles, and in seven will not allow us to be overwhelmed. Let us remember, however weak we are, our Redeemer is strong.

The Lord was Israel's Redeemer, or strong Deliverer, and he is our Redeemer too. He redeemed them by the exertion of his power, and the sacrifice of their foes. But he has redeemed us by the sacrifice of himself, and by the operations of his Holy Spirit. He laid down his life, as the price of our ransom; and he sends the blessed Spirit, to claim us for his own. He took our nature and he became near of kin to us; he became near of kin to us on purpose to be qualified to redeem us, and that he might come under obligation to do so. He paid all our debts, met all our obligations so making our cause good; and having made our cause good he will carry it despite of Satan, sin, and death! Yes, he will thoroughly plead our cause answering every charge brought against us by Satan, and meeting every demand made upon us by the law.

Our Redeemer is our Advocate. He who died for us on earth now pleads for us in heaven. Against our disobedience he places his perfect righteousness; against the sentence passed on us he pleads his own most precious blood. His pleading is powerful because he meets and answers all claims. His pleading is prevalent because he silences every accuser. His pleading will infallibly secure our salvation because he ever lives, is ever in office, and is always in court.

While he pleads above he exerts, and employs his power below.

He works in us while he pleads for us.

And while he appears in the presence of God for us above he watches over us here below.

He will therefore give us REST.
Rest from every anxious care.
Rest from every cross and burden.
Rest from all our toils and troubles.
Rest in his presence, and in the enjoyment of his love forever!

Nothing shall then disturb us or cause us to fret.

No one shall then harass us or put us in fear.

How precious the Lord's people are to him! Notwithstanding all their unworthiness, sin, and sinfulness. Notwithstanding all their departures from him, and unkindness to him. There is nothing on earth, or in heaven, except his only begotten Son, who are as precious to the heart of God, as his people are!