Someone is to Blame!

James Smith, 1856

A poor, depraved, drunken sinner, on one occasion was led to see his danger and fearful doom. He was filled with dread and alarm, and being fully awake to the value of his soul, the desert of his sin, and the dreadful nature of Hell he was surprised that he had lived so long in a careless and unconcerned state. And being more surprised that he had been allowed to go on quietly, he exclaimed, "No one even spoke to me of my salvation!"

Could this be a fact? It was a fact!

If he had been sick someone would have sent for the doctor;
if he had been starving for food someone would have given him to eat;
or if he had been naked someone would have found him a garment.

But his soul was in that state he was sick, he was starving, he was naked and yet no one pitied him, no one sympathized with him, no one was faithful to him! He was allowed to go unwarned, on the broad way to eternal destruction! Because of his sinful life, he was shunned. But he was not treated how a man how a fellow creature in danger ought to be treated.

"No one ever spoke to me of my soul's salvation!" And yet there were many Christians in the place, and Christians who professed to long and pray for the conversion of souls. How many hundreds around us may use the same words? But what a burning shame to the Lord's people, that it should be so?

Reader, are you a Christian? If so, is there any person living near you that can with truth use these words? What! did you never speak to your neighbor about sin and its consequences about Jesus and his great salvation? Now, no excuses! You can talk to them about the weather, or the crops, or, if there has been an accident and perhaps you do; but do you never speak to them of Jesus? Do you never invite them to go with you to the house of prayer? Do you never tell them of their danger, and the only way of escape from the wrath to come? Is this kind of you? Is it faithful? Are you honest to your profession? Can you be sincere in your prayers? Can you wish for a revival of religion? Can you have any love for souls, or love to Jesus? Never, never let anyone die in your neighborhood, or even live there long, and be able to say, "No one ever spoke to me of my soul's salvation."

Gracious Lord, stir up your people to speak for you. May they warn the wicked, invite the wanderers, and exhort all by whom they are surrounded, to "flee from the wrath to come!"