The Wise Choice!

James Smith

"Mary has chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her." Luke 10:42

Even Christians do not always choose wisely but Mary did. We often manifest our folly in our preference but she displayed her wisdom. She chose to sit at the feet of Jesus as a humble learner she . . .
loved His person,
admired His preaching,
desired to learn His doctrine,
and above all to imbibe His spirit.

Her object was communion with Him in which we become conformed unto His image. She preferred fellowship with Jesus to all anxious concern about entertaining Him as her guest. She preferred this to the commendations and praises of her visitors and friends. In her preference she revealed . . .
great spirituality of mind;
true wisdom and discernment;
attachment to her Lord and His doctrine;
deadness to the world and its vain formalities;
a concern for the present welfare of her own soul;
and a willingness to renounce all for Jesus.

Happy Mary! Honorable woman! May you be my pattern! Your choice was wise; your part was a worthy portion; and your example is held up for our imitation.

How many choose what they cannot keep and prefer what they must part with. Many things we must lose others we may lose.

A good name and reputation may be sullied by the breath of slander, or stolen by the unmerciful tale-bearer. If we possess it, we are not sure that we shall retain it.

The esteem and honor of friends, is a lovely flower; but the frost of adversity may nip it; or the scorching heat of persecution may destroy it.

Our prospects in life may be as attractive as the May-day morning; but the thunder-cloud of bereavement may overshadow it; and the dispensations of a wise and holy Providence may entirely change it.

Our gifts and abilities, which please us and profit others, may be removed by fevers, the paralyzing stroke, or the judgments of an offended God.

Yes, our temporal and spiritual comforts may all be removed from us, if we choose and prefer them to Mary's portion.

But a place at the feet of Jesus, an interest in His love, fellowship with Him if these are preferred, they can never be taken away!

If grace brings us in humility to the Savior's feet;
if we really enjoy communion with Him more than the fleeting pleasures of time;
if an interest in the blessings of the glorious gospel is once realized;
if love to Jesus once reigns in the heart;
if the promise pleaded is acknowledged at the throne of grace;
if hope, blooming with immortality, springs up in the soul;
and if faith lays hold of the Redeemer's love, power, and atoning blood
  then we have a portion of which we cannot be deprived! Then . . .
may oppose us but we shall prevail,
  the world may persecute us but we shall overcome,
may press us but our strength will be equal to our day.

At the feet of Jesus we are safe no enemy can overcome us there!

At the feet of Jesus we are holy no sin can gain dominion there!

At the feet of Jesus we are happy no trouble can be too much for us there!

My soul, choose Mary's place and Mary's portion. There is a place at the feet of Jesus for you! The good part may be obtained and enjoyed by you and once obtained, your Lord will not allow you to be deprived of it.

Reader, there is a place also for you! You may sit by the side of Mary.

Your sin is no obstacle in the way for Jesus will pardon that!

Your unworthiness is no barrier for it is the worthless sinner's place!

Oh, come to Jesus now,
take your place at His feet now,
sit down as one who intends to remain,
listen to His sweet voice,
receive His holy doctrines,
taste His precious love,
rest your soul on His atoning blood
and Heaven will immediately begin in your soul!