Where Are You?

James Smith, 1856

Where are you?
In SIN? If so, then . . .
you are under God's curse;
you are under condemnation;
the wrath of God abides on you;
every perfection in God's nature is opposed to you;
every threatening in God's Word is aimed at you;
justice frowns upon you;
the law sentences you;
Satan claims you;
Christ will judge you;
eternity will be dreadful to you!

Where are you? In the WORLD? If so, then . . .
you are in imminent danger;
you are God's enemy;
you are Satan's slave;
you are surrounded by all the elements of misery;
you have within you a source of eternal torment and woe!

If you are in the world then you are not in Christ; and, being without Christ, you are without hope, or peace, or the enjoyment of real happiness.

Where are you? In ROME, or superstition, which is the same. The Roman Catholic Church is Anti-Christ. And to put anything in the place of Christ, as the ground of justification before God, whether prayers, or penance, or tears, or good works, is Anti-Christ! Everything must be renounced but Christ, in order to acceptance with God, or justification before God. A sinner may as well trust in his vices as his virtues; in his foulest sins as his best works, for justification before a holy God. We must count all things but loss for Christ, and seek to be found in him, stripped of our own righteousness, and clothed in his perfect obedience.

Where are you? In CHRIST? Then you are safe, holy, and happy. But if you are in Christ now then you were not once. You have been inwardly convinced of this. You saw and felt the need of it. You earnestly and heartily desired it. You diligently and prayerfully sought it. You doubted and feared that so high a privilege would never be yours. But you cried unto God until faith brought you to his feet, love looked up and was overcome with a sense of his glory, and the Holy Spirit united you to his person. You felt that Christ and your soul were one. You could claim him and he acknowledged you. Your sins were pardoned. You felt justified before God. Peace flowed into your soul, and you loved him, because he had first loved you. You realized . . .
that his blood had made your peace,
that his righteousness was your wedding garment,
that his wealth was your portion, and
his Spirit was your Comforter, Guide, and Friend.

You could call God Father, look at the promises as your property, and anticipate Heaven as your final home.

Oh, the mercy of being in Christ!

To such, there is no condemnation.

To such, every providence is a blessing.

To such, all things work together for good.

Christ . . .
represents them before God,
often visits them on earth, and
will soon come to receive them unto himself.

Reader, are you in Christ? You were in sin once have you been delivered? You were in the world have you been brought out of it? You were more or less superstitious have you renounced everything of your own, and are you now relying on Christ, and on Christ alone?

His blood alone can cleanse you from sin and guilt.

His righteousness alone can justify you before God.

His Spirit alone can make you meet to partake of the inheritance of the saints in light.

Take heed that you are not found out of Christ at last. Beware of a religion that does not . . .
unite you to Christ's person,
conform you to Christ's image,
and make you happy in his love.

If you are . . .
living in any sin,
walking in the course of this world,
resting either in whole or in part on your own doings
  then you are eternally undone!

Where are you? Oh, that every reader could honestly, heartily, and cheerfully say, I am in Christ! Then all would be well, and well forever!