Fear Prohibited!

James Smith

"Fear not I will help you!" Isaiah 41:13

Saints are the subjects of fear and they often fear most who have the least reason. But our Heavenly Father forbids our fears, and our gracious Savior says, "Do not be afraid only believe." Slavish fear dishonors God, by reflecting poorly on His kindness, care, or veracity; for if He is infinitely kind, if He cares for us, if His Word of promise is true then what can a believer have to fear?

Needless fear not only dishonors God but it weakens the soul; and this is manifest in all our exercises of faith, hope, and love. It also encourages Satan, who takes advantage of our fears to distress us, fills our minds with confusion, and our souls with gloom. It unfits us for duty we can neither do nor suffer the will of God as we should if our souls are tormented with gloomy fears! In a word, slavish fear reflects poorly on the gospel, stumbles the world, and is entirely groundless springing only from ignorance or unbelief.

Our God says, "Fear not I will help you." WHO is this that promises to help us? The omnipotent Jehovah, who has all things in Heaven, earth, and Hell, at His command, and under His control! But will He really help us in every trial, difficulty, and need? He will! And you may not only draw this conclusion from His promise here set before you but from His relation to you. You are His own, His children, His chosen, His beloved; the tenderness of a Father's heart, the love of a bridegroom's bosom.

You may also rest on the faithfulness of God who assures you that He will help you!

His very nature, which is love;
His promise, which is truth; and
His relation, which is the closest possible
all combine to assure you that he will help you!

Also your dependence, the result of His wisdom appeals to Him; you can say with David, "I will cry unto God Most High, unto God that performs all things for me."

You have also an Intercessor constantly before the throne who never . . .
takes His eye off of you,
changes in His love to you,
or ceases to plead for you!

Also, your God can get glory by helping you!

"Fear not," therefore, "I will help you!" And help you speedily, effectually, frequently all the way from earth to Heaven.

Perhaps a widow's eye may rest upon this page: "Fear not!" Your God will help you! "Your Maker is your husband, the Lord Almighty is His name your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel, the God of the whole earth!" And He says, "Let your widows trust in me."

Reader, are you poor and friendless? "Fear not!" Look to Jesus, call upon your God, He will surely help you. In Him, "the fatherless finds mercy." By Him, the poor and oppressed are regarded with pity and compassion and He will not allow them to appeal to Him in vain.

Reader, are you weak and sickly? "Fear not!" He will strengthen you, He will make your bed in your sickness. He will answer to your prayers, and glorify His grace and goodness in you.

If God is your Father, if Jesus is your Friend then you have no real ground for fear! He will be with you in trouble. He will deliver you and honor you. He will set you on high, because you have known His name.

Fear nothing but sin! Fear no one but God! Do not fear Him with a slavish fear unless you are living in sin, and are a stranger to His grace and salvation. The fears of a believer can never be justified, nor should they for one moment be encouraged. Faith . . .
honors God,
conquers Satan,
overcomes difficulties, and
fills the bosom of a believer with joy and peace.

"Rest," therefore, "in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him."

"On everlasting arms I lean;
These only can sustain my hope;
These have until now my refuge been.
And these, through life, shall hold me up!

I can look forward, now, with joy,
Though in myself a feeble worm;
For Jesus will His power employ,
And save my soul in every storm!"