The Threatenings of God

James Smith


"What will you say when He punishes you?" Jeremiah 13:21

God has threatened to punish lost sinners every sinner who lives and dies in unbelief.
His threatenings are written in His Word that we may read them;
they are published by His ministers that we may hear them;
they are often repeated that we may not forget them;
some of them are fulfilled in this world that we may believe and fear them.

No unbelieving, impenitent, careless sinner shall escape! The whole of the wicked, shall be turned into Hell and all the nations that forget God.

Every one will be punished . . .
  justly in exact proportion to the nature and number of his sins;
  universally in every part of body and soul;
  fearfully without any mixture of mercy;
  eternally without cessation or end!

The threatenings of God are backed and sustained . . .
  by His omnipotent power;
  by His unchangeable purpose;
  by His impartial justice;
  by His inflexible holiness;
  and by His solemn oath.
They cannot be more sure nor can they be more dreadful.
Lost sinner, they are all pointed at you! They speak . . .
  of snares,
  of fire and brimstone,
  of a never-dying worm,
  of a lake of fire,
  of blackness and darkness,
  of gnashing of teeth,
  of eternal separation from God, and
  a fearful expectation of judgment and of raging fire, that will consume the enemies of God! Hebrews 10:27

Punishment is in store for you! You are warned of it, and invited to escape from it! But if you do not, then "What will you say when He punishes you?"

Can you plead ignorance, and say that you did not know that sin and punishment are connected that God had solemnly threatened such as you in His Word? You cannot you have been warned, and now you are warned again. You are warned in time that you may be safe and happy in eternity!

Can you say that you never heard of a way of escape? No, for Jesus has been set before you, and you have been invited and exhorted to flee to Him and find safety.

Can you say that you did not believe that God would be true to His Word? This were to insult Him to His face, and to tell Him plainly that you thought Him to be a liar!

Will you say you intended to repent but Satan deceived you? This will but be an acknowledgment, that you gave more heed to Satan than to God!

But what will you say? What can you say? Suppose you were this moment summoned to appear before God, and He was to ask the question to you, "Sinner, what have you to say, what reason can you assign that I should not punish you, as I have threatened in my Word?" Would you not be speechless?

Consider the importance of being prepared with an answer, against the time when it shall be demanded. Seriously think over the matter. Prepare your answer quickly, and endeavor to prepare such a one . . .

as will satisfy your conscience;
as will ease your torment;
as will confound Satan when he accuses you;
and appease the wrath of God.

Can you find such an answer? If not, there is but one alternative; you must make up your mind to suffer the torments of quenchless flames forever or flee to the Lord Jesus Christ for life and salvation! He is the only way of escape there is salvation in no other. There is pardon in His blood. There is mercy at His throne. There is pity in His heart. There is veracity in His Word. There is hope for you. Flee to Him and you are safe. Reject Him, persevere in sin, prefer the world and you must forever be lashed by an accusing conscience, be tormented by a cruel and remorseless devil, be punished by a just and holy God, and condemn yourself throughout eternity!

What will you say to this? Can you say it is not just? You will be convinced it is. Can you harden yourself in Hell? Suffering will increase with every attempt. Will you flee? Ah, where can you flee! All existences will be opposed to you, and armed against you; while every alleviation of your sufferings will flee away forever!