The Successful Mother

James Smith

"O woman, great is your faith! Let it be to you as you desire!" Matthew 15:28

Mothers, here is an example for you to imitate; here is encouragement for you under your trials. Here is a mother who had a daughter possessed by the devil, grievously vexed. The case seemed desperate. The trial was of long standing all her efforts hitherto had been in vain.

Her discouragements were many and great she was a Gentile; she came unbidden; when she came, Jesus would not notice her; when she cried to Him "He answered her not a word!" Her perseverance offended the disciples, and they said, "Send her away!" When the Savior addressed her, His language appeared unkind, as though He had called her a dog. Her application appeared to be useless, for He said, "I am only sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel!"

But she would not be discouraged. She had heard that He had power, and she believed it. She had heard that He was kind and she believed it. She had heard that He never refused any one who applied to Him and she believed it. She believed that He could help her and no one else. She believed He would help her-and therefore she persevered. And as she believed so it was; when tried she came forth as gold; and Jesus said unto her, "O woman, great is your faith! Let it be to you as you desire! And her daughter was made whole from that very hour!"

Mothers, does not this woman's conduct reprove you? Is there not reason to fear that she will rise up in the judgment and condemn many British mothers? many professing mothers? Will she condemn you? You have children dear to you as hers was; yours also are possessed by Satan, for he is, "the spirit that works in all the children of disobedience;" (Ephesians 2:2,) that is, in all unconverted children. No one can cast out Satan, and make your children the temples of the Holy Spirit but Jesus and He daily does so in the instance of others.

But do you feel for your children, as this mother did? Do you believe the danger they are in, as pointed out in your Bible? Do you believe them to be children of wrath, under the curse of the law, and exposed to all the wrath of the Lord? Do you apply to Jesus as though you believed this? Do you persevere as this woman did? Remember, you have greater encouragement, you know more of Jesus than she did, you are invited by Him she was not; He bids you to come to Him. Are you burdened with the state of your family, and does your concern for their eternal welfare weary you?

Mothers, does not your own conduct reprove you? If your child is sick, you send for the doctor, watch it by night and by day, sparing neither time, trouble, toil, nor expense that it may be restored again to health. But do you act thus in reference to the souls of your children, who are sick and dying with the disease of sin? You have sat up the whole night to watch beside the couch of the sick body; but did you ever devote part of a night for the special purpose of seeking the salvation of the soul? You have suspended all other business to attend to the suffering body; but are you as ready to leave business at times to plead with God for the soul? You consider that you would not be justified, that your conscience would not acquit you, if you had left any likely means untried, to restore bodily health; but have you tried all means with the same care, concern, and promptness, for the salvation of the soul? And if not, how can you be justified, or how can your conscience acquit you? Consider this, consider it seriously, as before God, and the Lord make you consistent mothers!