"The spirit of the world is eating out the very heart and life of true godliness!" George Everard

"Refined worldliness is the present snare of the Church of God!" Horatius Bonar

Are we Christians—or are we worldlings?

The sweeter morsel for the worm!

You have saved the best until now!


Our only and all-sufficient portion!

Overcoming the world

The world's pleasures are often curses in disguise!

Turn away from the lovely enchantress!

The guest!

A vexing vanity!

If this is happiness — then give me misery!

You may get a ticket straight to Hell, by express!

The line between the Church and the world seems completely effaced and forgotten!

Worldly prosperity!

Don't be the slave of worldly amusements!

Everybody craves for it, like a babe for its rattle!

The world's politics, pleasures, and pursuits!

What gives the world its fatal charms?

The spirit of the world is eating out the very heart and life of true godliness!

So it died, buried in pleasure!

A spiritual playpen where the crying babies must be appeased!

A house of fools!

It makes men so filthy!


Half-hearted Christianity!

When you wallow in the mud of worldly pleasures!

Even though he had a shipload of such rubbish!

Will we be numbered with cat-worshipers and dog-adorers?

This precept is very extensive and important

Go dogs, and eat the garbage!

The half-converted cowboy!

This flattering enemy!

A head full of froth!

288 opinions about the way to happiness

Lord, dig the earth out of my heart!

Wholly taken up with contriving methods of amusing themselves!

Let us try and not attend to its gewgaws!

The deceitful harlot has bewitched you with her enchantments!

The golden bait

The man with the muck-rake

Your amusements

What amusements are lawful to people who wish to live a holy life?

The great god Entertainment!

The best way to overcome the world!

Earthly toys

The subtle snare of worldly prosperity!

Gather more worldly trinkets

The theaters are fountains of vice!

I warn you against evil Books and evil Pictures!

If we spend our time on the newspaper, or sit hour after hour reading trashy novels!

We have seen such a tragic repetition of it in our own days

Giddily gliding along the broad road that leads to destruction!

Who cares for pebbles — when jewels glitter before him?

Would we know what our treasure is?

One of the broadest avenues that lead to destruction!

Satan's chapel!

Is this all?

Satan's workshop!

Looking firmly at the cross of Christ!

This pleasure-loving, pleasure-seeking, pleasure-inventing age

A decent, flowery, down-hill way to eternal destruction!

I tremble for the amount of worldliness which prevails in some professing Christian families!

We are like that dove!

The most generally prevailing and ensnaring sin

Nothing more than the common consent of fools!

The burning of these old Ephesian books!

That is all they have to enjoy!

The most powerful charm of Satan

Hell would be the place of greatest pleasure


True Christian living in the world

And then He turns the picture!

Let us beware of the love of money!

Prayer for weanedness from the world

How to conquer the world!

Three daughters which are bred by prosperity

Vanity of vanities, all is vanity!

A beautiful harlot sitting in her chariot!

Christian amusements

They were as vain as the idols of modern times!

Beware of the nail and the hammer!

The Devil's Mission of Amusement

Why, then, are we so bewitched with vanities?

Rattles and baubles

Refined worldliness


Where does all this vanity come from?

Mr. Cox's Museum

The prosperity of the wicked

The school of thoughtlessness and vanity

The devils are scrambling for his soul!

Their supreme deity!

The creature has a little honey in its mouth—but it has wings!

Three golden balls!

Turn off the television!

If you attempt to enthrone the creature!

He has altogether lost his relish for them

A painted happiness, a gilded misery!

I bequeath my pastor's soul to the devil!

Pleasure is not happiness

Only another name for "Trouble"

What a happy state we are in!

The plague of unsatisfiedness

Then the worm became a splendid butterfly

When you see a dog following two men

The world's haunts of vanity

They are like the soap-bubbles which little children blow!

Christ calls men to carry a cross!

We could not make the angels happy

We may be in the world — and not be injured by it!

The separated life!

I must caution you

Here is the conclusion of the matter:

Honeyed poison

Pleasures forevermore!

Alas! you are likely to dance and frolic yourselves into hell!

What a pitiful perishing portion is that!

Its pretty things

The world's golden sands!

Behold, all was vanity!

There is a higher end in life than to be amused!

From belly — to cards or dice

The rich followers of this poor Savior

This was his final verdict!

The Bibles of worldlings!

Something either to dissatisfy or nauseate

The idol of our day!

Oh how sweet is!

When earth's wine runs out!

The foolish Indians!

Beautiful bubbles!

What are these Christians doing on Satan's ground?


You can't love God and the world

Analogous to the beasts

They lick the dust!

People who long to be rich

He who eats the grapes of Sodom —
will soon drink the wine of Gomorrah!

The devil's chapel!

My Bonfire of Vanities!

One sight of the cross!

Sunk deep in the mire of worldly-mindedness

They are all really worthless!

Worshipers of the golden calf!

A Christian and yet a worldling?

Yellow and white guts and garbage

So many traps to catch souls!

Let worldly minds the world pursue!

An honest, heart-felt preference of better things

Vain and sensual amusements

The astonishing anomaly

One of the most pathetic sights in this world

That golden devil

Sweet poisons!

Sweet poisons! (the whole sermon)

The test of amusements

The whole life

There are some things that money cannot buy!

Propensity for amusements and entertainments

A showy and expensive style of living

The prevailing sin of Christians

An unfavorable soil for the growth of piety

The great object of life!

It is difficult to distinguish him from the unconverted man!

A most dangerous propensity!

The sooner we reach this conclusion

Something infinitely better!

To damn them with delights!

Ten thousand are destroyed by its smiles!

Content his soul with earth's poor dust

An inundation of worldliness

Three worms which often breed in prosperity

The ways, and fashions, and amusements, and recreations of the world

It is time that I am done with all butterfly-hunting!

As long as preachers allow their sermons to be dictated by public sentiment or the worldly desires of their hearers!

We must test all our pleasures and amusements by this rule:

How much did he leave?

Worldly men varnished over with religion

The pursuits of butterflies and grasshoppers, and canary birds!

If you wish to become weak-headed, unstable, and good for nothing

The sum total of worldly enjoyment in those two ciphers!

We find that they are empty bubbles!

Ah! Poor soul — it is the rich man who goes to hell!

Beware then of the vortex of worldliness!

The secret of being content

What a bauble!

She left her heart behind her!

Carnally minded

Evidently given up

The mad desire of plenty and pleasure


Why cling to the ash-heap?

Vacationing at resorts?

Playing with its tinsel toys

Elegance, entertainment, and luxurious gratification

A love for pleasure, diversion, and recreation

What makes the children of God so strange?

Building air-castle upon air-castle!

The way to Hell looks pleasant!

The only sin which may be indulged

When the honey is all sucked!

Encroaching, absorbing, and destructive!

We are not to set our affections on them!

The great goddess Diana!

Amused, entertained, seduced!

The littleness of all earthly things

A remedy for everything

The shrine of Mammon

Vagrant butterflies

A cold chill fell upon their hearts!

A noble indifference

The world

How much did he leave?

A golden image in the house!

Enthralled with the doll or the rattle

The poor things of time and sense

Enchanting trifles

The best sermon!

Slaves to the customs and temper of the world

These Gergesites had rather lose
Christ, than lose their porkers

We would soon hear all the dogs of Hell baying with all their might against us!

What! the whole of it meaningless?

Our godless society!

The carrion which professors can now feed upon!


The world will lose its charms!

Poor ephemeral things which cannot last

Break its alluring spell

These modern playthings

Fashionable sins

The world is a great enemy!

Don't touch their filthy things!

Strangers & Pilgrims

Groveling among the baubles of this world

A painted bauble

Fearfully secularized

If you are at home in the world

Overcoming the world!

Pambus wept when he saw a harlot


Do not fix your love upon your money bags!

This cheap Christianity

Nothing but a huge clod of dust

I believe it to be a public duty to warn people against cheats, quacks, and impostors!

Of all weary, flat, dull and unprofitable ways of spending life!

Look at the smiling beauty in the ball-room!

They were yet ready to go to school to the filthy Canaanites!

The wilderness wanderer

These childish dissipations!

It will come in at every chink and crevice!

To get another trinket!

The world passes away, and the lust thereof

We chase it like a bubble in the air!

We find that they are empty bubbles

This cheating and deluding scene.

The enchantment of the world?

What are all the gilded toys of time?

Swimming down the stream of vanity and folly

The crying evil of both the Church and of the world!


We were not always a set of poor mopes

Those who hunt after it are dogs!

Seriously engaged about trifles

Seductive scenes of giddiness and mirth

Madam Bubble we have seen with her mask off, and are not to be fascinated by so ugly a witch!

These fugitive, transitory things

The thorns

Painted bubbles!

The rage of the present day

If you been a dog, a toad, or a serpent

Where lions have their dens and panthers prowl

That ever promising, yet ever deceiving world

Our own health, wealth, and gratification

We have expected too much from 'the creature'

A sublime fiction

One of the most childish pieces of folly!

She had left her heart behind her!

Slaves of the world

A state of vanity

The burdens of prosperity

An ark of safety in the flood of vanities

Romantic dreams of pleasure and earthly joy

Worldly ease and prosperity!

In the world — and yet not of the world

This moral vortex

Beware of the world!

Entangling things!

An excessive anxiety about the innocent things of this life

A deadly enemy!

Moving shadows!

These boasted joys?

Earth Worm!

The toys of buffoons

A worldly Christianity

Men as well as children, may be pleased with trifles!

What trash does it appear!


In the world, and yet not to be of the world!

Tinsel and toys

Let me not grovel here below

Very distinct from this poor, fallen, degraded world!

Intoxicating to the unregenerate heart?

One hour in hell

What a vain world it is!

A worldly spirit?

When you come to creep into your hole

What a poor, uncertain, dying world is this!

Grovel in the dust to gather pebbles

The pursuit of worldly things

The increasing rage for novel reading!

If you would live gloriously

The world passes away!

The dirt-scrapers of this world?

Oh, you killers of time!

It has slain its thousands!


If the world loves us, smiles on us, and speaks well of us!

A powerful and ever sleepless foe!

The largest slice of the well-sugared cake

The world and its nothings!

The vain delights of this world



A ball, a concert, a festivity, a party!

There, on the other side, is my solitary soul

A worldly Christian?

Where is your treasure?

If anyone loves the world

We were made to fly!

When she kisses you!

The sights and shows of this perishing world

Come out from them and be separate!

Choked by life's worries, riches and pleasures

A canker into the very core of your spirituality!

What vain toys!

The more worldly pleasure — the less happiness

The most devouring idol in all the world!


To separate us from worldly things

Quaff the muddy and turbulent streams of earth?


The theater!

What are the ephemeral distinctions of earth?

A worldly spirit will ever peep out

What's on your Bucket List?

Separation from the ungodly world

The deadliest enemy of holiness?

This world

A deadly snare, a fatal rock!

The evil spirit which haunts the rich man

Toys! Sports and games for children!

Our own amusement?

We must not expect much in this base world

Petulant for toys and trifles!

We convert our blessings into poisons!

The muddy waters of this world

God's cure for worldliness

What phantoms they will chase!

Oh, live for eternity!

The sad record of many a religious professor

The world is an old nut which we crack!

The crying evil of our times!

A life of ease, leisure, and luxury

They amass its gilded baubles

When it comes in the guise of a friend

The worldling's happiness

What trifles, what toys, what empty vanities!

How has the fine gold become dim!

The sooner we reach this conclusion ourselves

A high Christian attainment?

The world in the Christian

He is tossed from vanity to vanity

Short-lived, imperfect and unsatisfying

This world is fading away!

The more worthless will this world appear!


This ungodly world!

Let us try and not attend to its gewgaws!

For a moment of sinful pleasure

The net of earthly, carnal, sensual engagements!

For a rational man to be so attached to a bubble, is a most irrational thing!

What shadows we are, and what shadows we pursue!

You have spent enough time in the past doing what pagans choose to do!

This poor, perishing world!

Nothing on earth can satisfy the soul!

Crush this fearful, powerful foe!

Sad blots!

Earth's glittering prizes

How poor and unsatisfying!

The besetting sin of Christians

Precarious, insufficient, and ensnaring

Cruel bondage!

Religious entertainment!

The love of fine dress


The Christian and the world

The insipid frivolities of the world!

Our idolatrous love of worldly things

There goes an idolater!

That painted harlot!

Christianity is just the jolliest thing imaginable!

The ruling passion


Redeeming the time

Our inn?

Like the bubble on the stream!

Let us live more for eternity!

He awoke with everlasting flames about his ears!


It is not worth a straw!


The world's coveted possessions!


Alas! how we forget!

If we could see the Crucified One?

That dear, idolized creature

Not easily observed

If you hunt the butterfly of wealth too eagerly!

All the houses in this plague stricken land

A demon that has wrung the neck of many souls?


Fill the soul with the world?

Lawful pursuits

The only legitimate purpose of amusement

There are dangers and perils peculiar to a state of prosperity!


The desire of the heart

They would not be so anxious to save money!

Would these satisfy you?

Christ in the heart, and the world under the feet!

Our aim

If the world satisfies you

Three things that earthly riches can never do?

Worldly men varnished over with religion!

What the world offers to its devotees?

They cherish the viper, though it stings them to death!

Only painted pleasures?

The things the pagans are always concerned about


Let us use worldly things!

Nothing worse can happen to a Church!

This is not mine to keep!


A gigantic fraud!

Below standard?

The devil's delight!


For a cup of pleasure

Could you grasp the world like an orange

Forgetful of Jesus?

This entangling world

A wilderness of 'bitter sweets'

The Christian and the world...

Your treasure!

Your treasures?

Beware of pleasures!

But you are dead!

This world brings only 'change'


Infected and enfeebled

Lasting and sure happiness!

Have nothing to do with them

How many, O how many

Here is a prohibition and an admonition

Can Hollywood and Holiness co-exist?

Busy yourselves about toys and trifles!


The Vanity of All Worldly Things

Christ and the world

While we mourn over our many maladies

The world, so fair, so fascinating!

The Christian and the Theater

The Evils of Theater-going

Popular Amusements


Pride and Worldliness


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