Groveling among the baubles of this world

(Thomas Boston, "Human Nature in its Fourfold State")

"He who overcomes will inherit all things!" Revelation 21:7

He shall have peace and plenty, profit and pleasure, everything desirable—full satisfaction of his most enlarged desires! Let the expectants of heaven, then, lift up their heads with joy. Let them gird up their loins, and so run that they may obtain; trampling on everything that may hinder them in their way to the kingdom. Let them never account any duty too hard, nor any cross too heavy, nor any pains too great—so that they may attain the unfading crown of glory.

Christians should behave suitably to their character and dignity—as heirs of the eternal glorious kingdom. Let your heart be in heaven. Let your souls delight in communion with God while you are on earth, since you look for your happiness in communion with Him in heaven. Let your speech and actions savor of heaven; and in your manner of life, look towards the heavenly country to which you are going.

Maintain a holy contempt of the world, and of the things of the world. Although others, whose earthly things are their best things, set their hearts upon them; yet it befits you to set your feet on them, since your best things are above. This world is but the alien country through which you must pass through, on your journey to Immanuel's land. Therefore, pass through it as pilgrims and strangers; and do not immerse yourself in its encumbrances, so as to retard you in your journey.

It is unworthy of one born to a palace—to set his heart to dwell in a poor hovel. It is unworthy of one running for a prize of gold—to depart from his path to gather pebbles and sticks. How much more is it unworthy of an heir of the kingdom of heaven—to be groveling among the baubles of this world, when he should be traveling on to receive his eternal inheritance!