The subtle snare of worldly prosperity!

(Archibald Alexander, 1772-1851)

Worldly prosperity has ever been found an unfavorable soil for the growth of piety — it . . .
  blinds the mind to spiritual and eternal things,
  dries up the spirit of prayer,
  fosters pride and ambition,
  furnishes the appropriate food to covetousness, and
  leads to a sinful conformity to the spirit, maxims, and fashions of the world!

"It is hard to carry a full cup without a spill. You have need to pray to God, not only to help you in your troubles — but to help you in your blessings."
Charles Spurgeon, 1834-1892

"We know how greatly even a moderate share of wealth hinders many from raising their heads towards Heaven. And we know how liable men are to be ensnared by the blandishments of prosperous and smiling fortune."
John Calvin, 1509-1564

"To see a man humble under prosperity, is one the greatest rarities in the world!"
John Flavel, 1630-1691