(John Mason's Spiritual Sayings)

**If the world is our portion here—then Hell will be our portion hereafter.

**The world promises comforts—and pays sorrows.

**Be not proud of riches, but afraid of them—lest they be as silver bars to barricade the way to Heaven!

**To have a portion in the world, is a mercy.
   To have the world for a portion, is a misery!

**We should endeavor to pass through this world with a cheerful indifference.

**The things of the world, the more they are known—the less they are admired.
    But the things of God, the more they are known—the more they are admired.

**There is no miss of the creature—where there is a full enjoyment of the Creator.

**If you are not afraid of the world—I fear are a friend of the world, and an enemy to God.

**As you love your souls, beware of the world!
   It has slain its thousands, and tens of thousands!
   What ruined Lot's wife? The world!
   What ruined Judas? The world!
   What ruined Simon Magus? The world!
   What ruined Demas? The world!
And "what shall it profit a man, if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?" Mark 8:36

**In reality . . .
riches are but dust,
  honors are but shadows,
pleasures are but bubbles, and
man is but a lump of vanity, composed of sin and misery.