Only another name for "Trouble"

(J.C. Ryle, "Happiness" 1878)

It is an utter mistake to suppose that RICHES alone can give happiness. They can enable a man to command and possess everything — but inward peace! They cannot buy a cheerful spirit and a light heart. There is . . .
  care in the getting of them,
  care in the keeping of them,
  care in the using of them,
  care in the disposing of them,
  care in the gathering of them,
  and care in the scattering of them!

He was a wise man who said that "Money" was only another name for "Trouble," and that the same English letters which spelled "acres" would also spell "cares."

Are you poor? Are you tempted to imagine that if you had the rich man's place — that you would be quite happy? Resist the temptation, and cast it behind you. Do not envy your wealthy neighbors — be content with such things as you have. Happiness does not depend on houses or lands! Silks and satins cannot shut out sorrow from the heart! Castles cannot prevent anxiety and care coming in at their doors. There is as much misery riding and driving about in splendid carriages — as there is walking about on foot! There is as much unhappiness in large mansions — as in poor cottages!