Everybody craves for it, like a babe for its rattle!

(Charles Spurgeon)

"Leaving you an example — that you should follow in His steps." 1 Peter 2:21

"This is how we know we are in Him: Whoever claims to live in Him must walk as Jesus did!" 1 John 2:5-6

"But," says one, "are we not to have amusements?" Yes, such amusements as you can practice in the fear of God. You may do whatever Jesus would have done.

I have nothing to say against recreation in its proper place. Certain forms of recreation are needful and useful — but it is a wretched thing when amusement becomes a lifestyle! Amusement should be used to do us good like a medicine — it must never be used as the Christian's food.

From early morning till late at night, some spend their time in a round of frivolities — or else their very work is simply carried on to furnish them funds for their pleasures. This is wicked. Many have had all holy thoughts and gracious resolutions stamped out by perpetual trifling. Pleasure, so called, is the murderer of thought!

This is the age of excessive amusement — everybody craves for it, like a babe for its rattle!