He who eats the grapes of Sodom

(Charles Spurgeon)

"As long as he is a Nazirite, he must not eat anything that comes from the grapevine, not even the seeds or skins." Numbers 6:4

Nazirites had taken, among other vows, one which debarred them from the use of wine. In order that they might not violate the obligation, they were forbidden to drink the unfermented juice of grapes, nor even to eat either fresh or dried grapes. They were, in fact, to avoid even the appearance of evil.

Surely this is a lesson to the Lord's separated ones, teaching them to come away from sin in every form; to avoid not merely its grosser shapesóbut even the appearance of evil. Strict walking is much despised in these daysóbut rest assured, dear reader, it is both the safest and the happiest course. He who yields a point or two to the worldóis in fearful peril. He who eats the grapes of Sodomówill soon drink the wine of Gomorrah!

A little crevice in a large dyke may soon break openóso that a whole town is drowned. Worldly conformity, in any degree, is a snare to the soul, and makes it more and more liable to presumptuous sins.

Doubtful thingsówe need not doubt about; they are wrong to us!

Tempting things
ówe must not dally withóbut flee from them with haste!

Careful walking may involve much self-denialóbut it has pleasures of its own which are more than a sufficient recompense!