Worldly prosperity!

(Archibald Alexander)

"In my prosperity, I said: I shall never be moved!" Psalm 30:6

Worldly prosperity has ever been found an unfavorable soil for the growth of piety. It . . .
  blinds the mind to spiritual and eternal things,
  dries up the spirit of prayer,
  fosters pride and ambition,
  furnishes the appropriate food to covetousness, and
  leads to a sinful conformity to the spirit, maxims, and fashions of the world!

In general, God in mercy refuses to give worldly prosperity to His children. He has chosen the poor of this world, to be rich in faith. That is, He has commonly chosen poverty as the safest condition for His children!

"We have seen many professed Christians make shipwreck. In ten cases to the one, it has been attributable to worldly prosperity. It is hard to carry a full cup without a spill." (Charles Spurgeon)

"To see a man humble under prosperity, is one the greatest rarities in the world!" (John Flavel)

"Pray in prosperity, that you may not be ensnared by your prosperity!" (William Gurnall)

"I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven!" Matthew 19:23