Christ Exalted!

In one vast blaze of unobscured glory!

He is the infinite, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, gracious, just, holy, and unchangeable I AM!

That spiritual pipe!

He has done all things well!

My needs — His fullness!

Altogether lovely!

Had I a thousand lives, a thousand souls

Look at the King in His beauty!

What a wonderful person!

The most precious thing in heaven or earth

Jesus is only precious to believers

The more I see of Jesus

Plato's wish!

I am confounded with wonder!

The only true delight!

You will never come to the bottom of these depths!

True excellency!

The most suitable good!

How is your Beloved better than others?

There lies the sweetness!

The thoughts make the face

He is a rich, full, free, and inexhaustible fountain!

Looking at the world through the cross!

This strange, double picture of Jesus!

A sea of sweetness

The endless, blissful theme!

No wonder the maidens love You!

The more bloody — the more lovely!

Invincibly and irresistibly drawn

If a man had to wade breast deep through a thousand hells!

A faint symbol of unutterable affection!

O what crowds of pitiable objects!

The best Physician

What is Christianity?

There is none like Jesus!

Yes, He is altogether lovely!

When once I had got a view of Christ's transcendent loveliness!

The source and spring of all true life, pleasure, holiness, and hope!

Behold the Man!

All that man can need — and all that God can give!

A marvelous combination of all that is lovely and beautiful!

His names and titles

All the links of the golden chain of salvation

When we become magnetized by Jesus' beauty and adore Him!


This my Friend!

Nothing feeds, nothing refreshes, nothing delights my soul

The hand of Jesus!

A heaven unto me!

The great and crowning bliss of Heaven

What more can any Christian desire?

Christ is . . .

The garment which the Savior always wore

The unsearchable riches of Christ

Something infinitely better!

Altogether lovely!

Unfathomable oceans of grace

Very precious

That Almighty Friend, Advocate and Physician

Pile in one mass

We shall be so ravished!

Which of our senses shall be most enthralled?

Yes, He is altogether lovely!

Born with a tear in His eye!

Me, the vilest of the vile!


This baffles all our comprehension!

The end of God's goodness?

This most precious and suitable Savior!

O wondrous transformation!

This is the greatest sight you will ever see!

Just give me Jesus!

The OFFICES of Christ

Spiritual health and strength

A jewel more worth than a thousand worlds!

A mixture of clay, dirt, and corruption


Heaven's richest treasure!

Oh, you who want unfailing comfort

The Sun of righteousness

The personal attractions of Jesus!

What a sight!

The treasury is large and inexhaustible

The only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth!

All tears of godly sorrow drop from the eye of faith

Losses, crosses, disappointments, and bereavements

Heavenly homesickness?

Behold, I am coming soon!


Heaven's great store-house!

Your eyes will see the King in His beauty!

The great physician!


Very precious!

Jesus is . . .

He is sovereign Lord of all!

Shift the kaleidoscope!

Worthy is the Lamb who was slain!

Go simply to Jesus

Dive and dive again!

Surely, we cannot know this Christ too well!

His name!

He sits on the calm throne of eternal serenity!

A soul satisfying spectacle!

The chief among ten thousand, the altogether lovely One!

Study the Lord Jesus Christ!

The most accessible and precious spot!

That ocean in which all true delights and pleasures meet!

Who can this be but Jesus?

How emptying, humbling, and abasing!

The fathomless mystery of the Cross!

That I may know Him!

Why are we so apt to be captivated by the gewgaws of the world?

Christ must be all!

Blessed are those who are called to the marriage supper of the Lamb!

We would never commit a sin!

Your Almighty Friend!

What a Sight!

His heart is a fountain of mercy, and its streams are perpetually flowing!

What wretched work

The assemblage of graces found only in Jesus

The only source of comfort; the only spring of joy?

Groaning, sweating, bleeding, and painfully yielding up his life!

My Beloved is mine—and I am His!

O stone-blind eyes!

Look! Gaze! See! Behold!

The monopolizer!

When disappointed in the creature!

Three looks at Jesus!

Just what suits me!

When the Son of Man comes in His glory!

If that man had the soul of a swine!

The crown of universal monarchy!

Our sins!

The Man with the bruised heel & crown of thorns!

He is both Teacher and Lesson, Guide and Way!

The Only Everlasting Flower!

Brethren, is not this the very cream of Heaven?

In wondrous contrast — and yet with consistent harmony!

Ten thousand times more precious!

The life of all our graces and comforts

Precious and glorious

My Beloved

O consider Jesus' loveliness and beauty!

The deep things of God

My pardon cost Him that!

Both our teacher and our lesson!

The unsearchable riches of Christ!

One perfect sweet!

Keep this medicine next to your heart

The all sufficiency of Christ

Infinite excellency!

His unutterable loveliness!

The Infinite has become an infant!

Faith's view of a crucified Redeemer

Going up through this wilderness world

Infinite fullness

Revelation 1:13-16

The sparkling diamond in the ring of glory

The awesome, holy, glorious beauty of Christ!

Our faithful, unfailing Friend

Altogether Lovely

The essence of all delights and pleasures!

What a sin-killing, self-abasing sight!

The Infinite has become an infant!


The Altogether lovely One

The richest jewel in the cabinet of glory!

Your Savior's heart

The depth of that love!

When the world is one vast howling wilderness

His cross, His love, His grace, His heart!

The Hiding Place!


The best evidence of Christianity

It quenches the thirst of the soul

All loveliness, all excellence, all glory!

My Beloved!


More than being our friend, helper, or benefactor!


Yes, He is altogether lovely

Inexpressibly, Unutterably, Indescribably Lovely!

Oh, how precious is Christ!

Better than any earthly pleasure!

One inconceivable beauty!

The altogether lovely One!

The incomparable sweetness of Christ!

One consummate perfection!

Oh! the glory!

His all-conquering loveliness!

The preciousness of Christ!

Unconquerable love!

The best!


The love of Christ ...

The magnet!

True beauty...

One ounce of Christ's love!

Untiring delight!

Earths sweetest delight!

The goldmine!


The sweetest sight!

The painted beauties of this world will wither!

He is too wise to err—and too good to be unkind!

That Man of sorrows, is the Savior of the world!

Tis but a taste!

When His beauty is seen

Unto you who believe — He is precious!

The best man!

Praise Him!

The most interesting, profitable, and elevating theme

Christ, who is our life

Oh what a treasure!

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