The best physician!

Thomas Watson

Christ is the cheapest Physician. Sickness is not only a consumption to the body — but the purse! Luke 8:43. Other patients enrich their physicians — but here the Physician enriches the patient! Physicians charge fees — but Jesus Christ gives us our cures freely. He takes no fee, "Come without money and without price!" Isaiah 55:1. He desires us to bring nothing to Him but broken hearts. And when He has cured us, He desires us to bestow nothing upon Him but our love — and one would think that was very reasonable.

Christ is the most skillful Physician. There is no disease too hard for Him. "Who heals all your diseases." Psalm 103:3. He can cure the gangrene of sin — even when it comes to the heart. He can melt a heart of stone — and wash away black sins in His crimson blood! There are no desperate cases with Christ. He has those salves, oils, and balsams which can cure the worst diseases. Christ never fails of success. Christ never undertakes to heal any — but He makes a certain cure.

Christ is the most tender-hearted physician. He is not more full of skill, than of sympathy, "He heals the broken in heart, and binds up their wounds." Psalm 147:3. Every groan of the patient — goes to the heart of this physician!

Christ cures not only our diseases — but our deformities! The physician can make the sick man well; but if he is deformed, he cannot make him lovely. Christ gives not only health — but beauty. Sin has made us ugly and misshapen. Christ's medicines not only take away our sickness — but our blemishes. He not only makes us whole — but lovely. Christ not only heals — but adorns.

Christ heals with more ease than any other. Other physicians apply pills, potions, or remedies. Christ makes the devil go out with a word. Mark 9:25. So when the soul is spiritually possessed, Christ can heal with a word — nay, He can cure with a look. When Peter had fallen into a relapse, Christ looked on Peter — and he wept. Christ's look melted Peter into repentance — it was a healing look. If Christ does but cast a look upon the soul — He can heal it.

Other physicians can only cure those who are sick — but Christ cures those who are dead, "And you has He made alive — who were dead." Ephesians 2:1. Christ is a physician for the dead! Of every one whom Christ cures, it may be said, "He was dead — and is now alive!" Luke 15:32.

Christ elevates all His patients. He not only cures them — but crowns them! Revelation 2:10. Christ does not only raise them from the sick-bed — but to the throne! He gives the sick man not only health — but also Heaven!

Oh, the love of this heavenly Physician! Christ Himself drank that bitter cup which we should have drunk, and by His taking the bitter potion — we are healed and saved! Thus Christ has shown more love than any physician ever did to the patient.