We would never commit a sin!

(Charles Spurgeon, "How God Condemned Sin")

Such are the assemblage of graces found only in Jesus, each sparkling with peerless luster, and all blending with such exquisite gracefulness — that we are at once moved with awe and touched with love as we contemplate Him.

Such majesty — and yet such meekness in His demeanor.

Such solemnity — and yet such tenderness in His speech.

So impartial in judgment — and yet so forgiving in temper.

So full of zeal — and yet so equally full of patience.

So keen to detect malice — and yet so slow to resent it.

Such a wise mentor — and yet such a gentle sympathizing friend.

Jesus was perfectly . . .

All His words were love.

All His actions were kindness.

We would never commit a sin, if we would but first say to ourselves, "Would Jesus have done this?"