I am confounded with wonder!

("Solitude Sweetened" by James Meikle, 1730-1799)  LISTEN to audio!  Download audio

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"Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound!" Romans 5:20

Dear Savior, in Your sufferings I not only see the infiniteness of sin, but also the infiniteness of Your love; so that, though I have cause with myself to be angry on account of sin, I need not despair.

If the deservings of my sinful folly is death—the merit of Your sufferings is life!

If my sins mount up to heaven—Your mercy is above the heavens!

Though my sins reach to the very throne to accuse me—there is One upon the throne who will not condemn me!

When I look to myself and see my vileness and necessity—I am confounded with shame.
But when I look to You, and see Your fullness and all-sufficiency—I am confounded with wonder!

Am I weak? Jesus is my strength.

Am I foolish? Jesus is my wisdom!

Am I wicked? Jesus is my righteousness!

Am I impure? Jesus is my sanctification!

Am I in bondage? Jesus is my complete redemption!

Am I in misery? From Jesus tender mercy flows.

Am I deceitful? Jesus is wholly truth!

In a word, am I enmity itself?
Then Jesus is love itself which passes understanding!
Mine is but the enmity of a creature—but Yours is the love of God!

Where sin abounded—grace did much more abound!

Where misery has surrounded me—Your mercy has crowned me!

Sin is too strong for me—but Your grace is too strong for sin!

Why, then, am I so vexed with fears, doubts and unbelief? Because I am sinful. On that very account, Jesus, who knew no sin, was made sin—that I, who knew no righteousness, might be made the righteousness of God in Him.

I am a great sinner! But Jesus is a Savior, and a great One!

Where is boasting now? See, it is great mercy in God, great merit in Christ, which saves a great sinner! Since rich and free grace builds the temple of salvation, let it have all the glory!

But I fall often into the same sin! That is my failing over which I ought to mourn, and by which I should be driven out of all boasting in my own holiness, high attainments, and religious duties; and cry, with tears of holy joy, "Grace, grace to Him who has laid the foundation, carries on the whole work of redemption, and will, with shouting bring forth the topstone!"

Now, law, what have you to do with me? Go to my Surety, Jesus.
O curse! you have lighted on His head, that the blessing might rest on mine!

Though once I dared not lift my eyes heavenward, for fear of divine wrath—yet now I may come boldly to the throne of grace, and claim the blessings of His purchase!

Though my sin offends Him—I shall never sin away His love, nor His presence altogether. For He shall come a second time, to deliver me from all my inherent sinfulness.

Though my sin is my burden—it shall not be my bane! Yet I shall never willingly let the traitor rest in my bosom, which would persuade my soul into rebellion against my dearest Lord, and best Friend. I may have continual war with the invader, but shall obtain the victory at last! Meanwhile, I will grieve more for offending Him whose name is Love, by my sin—than for the trials, afflictions, and chastisements which seize me because of my sinfulness.

Now, with the arms of my faith, I clasp the promise—and Jesus in the promise! Here will I live, and here will I die—blessing God, who causes me always to triumph in Jesus Christ my Lord!