My Beloved is mine—and I am His!

(William Nicholson, "Christ, the Portion of Believers!" 1855)

Christians! The Redeemer with all His glorious salvation, in all His offices, and under all the characters which He sustains—is yours! You may say, with the fullest assurance, "My Beloved is mine—and I am His!" You are the objects of the blessed Redeemer's particular care, given into His hands by His and your Father, to be saved by Him . . .
  from the guilt and dominion of sin,
  from all the powers of darkness, and
  from the vengeance of eternal fire!

He executes all of His offices on your behalf:

 As a Priest, He has made an atonement for your sin, and reconciled you to God.

 As a Prophet, He teaches you all that you need for life and godliness, from His Word.

 As a King, He reigns in His Church, and rules in the heart of every believer.

 He is a Physician to heal the diseased soul.

 He is a Shepherd to feed and guide His flock.

 He is a Counselor to direct them in all the intricate paths of life.

 He is a Friend that sticks closer than a brother, and whose friendship is unchangeable and everlasting.

 He is an Advocate to plead His people's cause.

 He is a Redeemer to emancipate their souls from sin's bondage.

Jesus is . . .
  a Sun to enlighten you,
  a Shield to defend you,
  a Door to admit you to Heaven,
  a Tree for fruit to nourish you,
  a Balm of Gilead to heal your soul maladies!

His unchangeable grace and mercy,
His perfect obedience,
His sin-atoning death,
His constant divine intercession—
are replete with comfort to the lost and undone sinner.

I have found Him whom my soul loves!
I've found the Pearl of greatest price!
My Christ is first, my Christ is last, my Christ is all in all!

We are His, through the purchase of His blood—we are bought with an inestimable price! Delightful thought! The believer can confidently say, "I am the Lord's!"

What more can my soul desire, in order to secure its happiness? I am the Lord's—delightful words, as sweet as the harmony of Heaven! Thousands of times might the charming announcement be made, and yet . . .
   not all its power is felt,
   not all its worth is comprehended,
   nor all its glory seen!

I am the Lord's! Then welcome . . .
 poverty with all its toils,
 persecution with all its frowns,
 labors with all their arduousness.

Then welcome death which will end all my conflicts here, and lead me home to Him whose I am—who loved me, and gave Himself for me!