(Frank Hall)

"Oh that I knew where I might find HIM!" Job 23:3

Job's cattle were taken from him.
His children were all killed.
His flesh was covered with terrible boils.
His wife treated him as a stranger.
Even young children despised him.

But Job did not exclaim, "Oh that I knew where I might find my donkeys, oxen, and sheep! Oh that my wife would have compassion on me! Oh that my children were restored to my care!" Though every earthly support had been stripped from him, Job did not groan after the earthly things that he had lost. Job longed after one thing only, the one thing needful — HIM!

"I miss my children and love my wife, but I can live without either. These boils are tormenting my flesh, but I'll manage. I will survive without my servants, my cattle, and the respect of my companions — but I can't survive without Him! Take what you will O Lord, but don't take Him! Oh that I knew where I might find Him!"

The Universal Answer
The answer to every trouble, every question, and every difficulty in life is exactly the same — HIM! He is . . .
  the Solution to every problem,
  the Key that unlocks every door,
  the Sun that illuminates our path,
  the Light that dispels the darkness within,
  the Physician that heals our sin-sick, broken hearts,
  the Nurse that dresses the soldier's wounds in bandages of grace,
  the Bed of Rest for the heavy laden sinner,
  the Way of Escape for those who are tempted and tried.

We bring upon ourselves needless misery and pain, when we lean on the arm of the flesh for support. We subject ourselves to unnecessary disappointment when we run to and fro seeking assistance from the helpless helpers of this world.

Free salvation and almighty strength are in Him!
Undying support and eternal satisfaction are in Him!
Heavenly comfort and divine consolation, along with legions of other nameless blessings are all in Him!

The answer to all of your problems, my troubled friend, is not within, but without! Do not run to family or friends for help — they are . . .
  wells without water,
  leaky cisterns,
  helpless helpers,
  and broken crutches.
They may help you with financial trouble, but not with soul trouble.

The solution to every problem is always the same — Him! Oh that you knew your need of Him!