Chance, accident, luck—or Divine Providence?

All that occurs in His wide empire

All is transparent and harmonious to His eye

There is no such thing as "chance," "luck," or "accident"

Divine Providence

Such a god should be derided, not worshiped

I would teach you a way to be never be disappointed


God's all wise, gracious, and adorable providence

God's perfect wisdom in the management of our affairs

You should consider from whose hand it has been sent to you

Do we want to be rulers of the universe?

Believer, what are you doing, going groaning through the world beneath a load of fears and cares?

A riddle in providence

Direction by an omniscient mind, and an omnipotent hand

That hair's-breadth has sufficed to direct the current of our life

When I grumble about the weather

The nest was destroyed, and the poor bird lay bleeding and exposed

The secret of true happiness!

If we were directing the affairs of our own lives

What a compassionate, gracious arrangement

The Providence of God

Our dim eyes cannot read the dark pages

Providence is no other than God providing

The smallest trifles are as much arranged by the God of Providence

Without that one very unpleasant thing

God's sword

A most sublime consideration!

The providences of God are often dark and mysterious

Our wisest plans and best endeavors!

Our plans and dreams

The wonders of His providence

This is the finger of God

Not puny, sinful worms

I sent blight and mildew and hail

Everything short of Hell is mercy

Saws and hammers

Fate, accident, chance — or SOVEREIGNTY?

I follow like a little blind child

It pleases God to send it, and whatever pleases Him pleases me

A beautiful face — under a black mask

Such a God should be derided

John Calvin on Divine Providence

When all the mysteries of Providence will be solved

Just because He disposes all things

The eye of Divine Providence

We would wreck everything

Even our faults, our follies and our sins

Providence & Predestination

God leading His people through the wilderness

Don't bit the stick


All things, the bitter and the sweet

The sovereign decrees and allotments of Your infinite wisdom

The key to many of the painful or mysterious providences of our lives

Thank God that He has veiled the future!

The Lord reigns

God's Purpose and Counsel

All seemed dark and mysterious!

Why were the old days better than these?

Thoughtful, sleepless, loving care

When we complain about the weather

God's tools and instruments

The sovereign decrees and allotments of Your infinite wisdom

If you had been gifted with unerring wisdom

We are now in the wilderness

Whoever complains of seasons and weather

Away with that guilty atheism which dethrones God from the sovereign control over His own world

The shadow

There is no such thing as "chance," "luck," or "accident" in the Christian's journey through this world

This is not a world of chance — it is our Father's world

Not a single shaft can hit, till the God of love sees fit

Laws of nature?

I am very sorry about your accident

If I might but get the broken crumbs

A portion for each day

'Chance' or 'blind fate'


There is no sweeter pillow than providence

Afterwards you will understand

Little did she know, that amid the
sheaves — she would find a husband

This city has so aroused My anger and wrath

Trust His heart — even when you can't trace His hand

Our Father refuses to answer such questions

Do not be afraid

The stone was a diamond

Pestilence Famine Earthquake

The unerring hand of infinite wisdom

Had any other condition been better for you than the one in which you are in

The sheep do not choose their own pasture

I could wish He would have spared my son

And we ought to be content with that

His Father's hand

We may throw the dice

All that we need drops from His palm

The height of folly, arrogance, and weakness

Comfort for Suffering Saints

Sovereign, supreme disposal

Building air-castle upon air-castle

Should it be according to your mind?

Common mercies!

In the great mirror of eternity

A glory, a beauty, and a sweetness

God's providential reign

The wise, unerring hand of His good providence

The worst calamity is the wisest and the kindest thing that could befall to me

But God also prepared a worm

The heavenly farmer

Ordering, arranging, and controlling all

All hang dependent on His powerful providence

Sword and famine and wild beasts and plague

O the depths

They are new every morning

Some noble lessons

There is no 'chance' in God's world

He does not come in the sunshine only

The world's pleasures are often curses in disguise

Dark and mysterious providences

The heathen deity of CHANCE

You are the one who has done this

A wise, and most kind, as well as holy Providence

His work is yet on the anvil

The weather

The clock of Providence

A chequered life

God at work

No chance

We are to submit to His holy will

Charging God with wrongdoing

I am full of confusion

Even the little things

The Lord reigns!

Angry with God?


Well done

Each apparently capricious turn in life's way

He opens His bountiful hand — and my needs are met


The smallest trifles

Afterwards you will understand

You do not know what a day may bring forth

We know not what this day may bring forth

Wars, pestilences, earthquakes

All-wise Providence

There are many devices in a man's heart

Submit to the appointments of our Maker

Mysteries and perplexities

You suck in God's mercy

"Chance," "luck," or "accident"

There are no difficulties, no sorrows or joys which are matters of chance

All the mysteries of providence

God's chain and God's plan

If we had God's power we would change everything

Hush your insane murmurs, O worm

I will deal well with you

If He appoints otherwise

One gracious purpose of mercy

Beware of that practical atheism

King Alphonso's folly

The cricket

Whence, then, this loveliness, this charm?

Oh it is a sweet and holy life

The little things of life

Mapped, arranged, and provided for

God's hand in everything

He leads me

When his horse died

Even the very hairs of your head have all been numbered

See the hand of God in all the barbarisms and incivilities of men

Common or priceless?

Every thread in the web of life

Oh it is a sweet and holy life

Watch His hand

Infinite wisdom directs every event

No mistakes

The Weaver

And why should we?

All our care, forethought, and caution

The atrocities of Joshua

All things


His providences may change, His heart cannot.

Every bitter cup

God's way

The dictionary of the atheist

When God thwarts, afflicts, and mortifies us


Why, then, these fears? Why this distrust?

The littles

Being cast like a weed on the bewildering stream

The laws of nature

Disagreement with the path, is disagreement with Him who ordained it

The design of the divine Artist

Christian contentment

Long, habitual, and uninterrupted mercies?

Should it be according to your mind?

All things, all creatures, and all events


The Providence of God

My times are in Your hand

This great world

All dropping from the outstretched, munificent hand

Purpose & Providence

God’s providences

Common mercies

In everything give thanks


Well done

What the little bird said to Luther

We would wreck everything

The only Potentate


Some annoying interruption

His Providence is wisely designed and sovereignly sent for our good

Our proper enjoyment of every earthly blessing

We should sweetly acquiescence in God's will

Everything is against me

A double relish

See here the evil of murmuring and complaining at our lot in the world

What a debased creature must he be

Accidents, Not Punishments

Divine Providence (1689 Baptist Confession)


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