Saws and hammers!

(Letters of John Newton)

"Assyria — the rod of My anger!" Isaiah 10:5

Dear Mrs. Hannah More,

I consider all second causes and instruments — as mere saws and hammers in the Divine Workman's hands! They can neither give us pleasure nor pain — but as our Lord and Savior is pleased to employ them.

I am firmly assured that He has done, still does, and will do — all things well.

How little can we judge of this great drama of this world — by a single scene! But when we see the glorious outcome — how shall we love and praise and wonder!

As for myself, this old man of seventy-six is still favored with perfect health, and can still preach as loud, as long, and as often as formerly. He is still heard with acceptance and has cause to hope that the Lord blesses his ministry. "Oh to grace how great a debtor" — is the poor African blasphemer and profligate!

I am, my dear madam, your much obliged friend,
John Newton