Angry with God!

(James Smith)

"The Lord asked: Have you any right to be angry?" Jonah 4:4

Jonah quarreled with his God. And who has not? We may not
as plainly as he did—but we have been in the same sullen
, and manifested the same morose spirit.

Very few are well satisfied with the Lord's plans.
Fewer still are always pleased with the Lord's works.

How many quarrel with His sovereignty!
What hard things have been spoken against it!

How many complain of His providence—and think it
unwise, unkind, and almost unjust!

Beloved, we are often angry with God!
This temper shows itself . . .
  in fretfulness,
  in complaining,
  in sullen gloom.

"Have you any right to be angry?"

Angry with your Father . . .
  whose wisdom is infinite,
  whose love is as constant as the day, and
  who constantly showers His blessings upon you!

Angry with your God, who has . . .
  pardoned all your heinous sins,
  provided for your innumerable needs,
  blessed you with countless spiritual blessings!

Surely it is a sin, a grievous sin, not to be pleased . . .
  with all that He does,
  with all that He has provided,
  and with all that He requires.

"Have you any right to be angry?"