Do we want to be rulers of the universe?

(Charles Spurgeon, "Flowers from a Puritan's Garden" 1883)

"He who will be his own carver, seldom carves out a good portion to himself. Willful spirits who attempt to control their own providence, entrench upon God's prerogative, and take the work out of His hands. Therefore, it is no wonder if He turns their wisdom into folly!"

It is God's business to regulate providence—and when we attempt it, we cause only confusion and trouble. Not only does the carver for himself get a poor portion—but he frequently cuts his fingers, and spoils his clothes, by spilling the contents of the dish.

Israel went into Canaan well enough—when the Lord led the way. But when the people presumed to go up on their own—they brought defeat upon themselves.

Just so, it is never well either to run before the cloud, or to stay behind it. In either case we may expect to fall under clouds of another sort, which will darken our way and becloud our peace.

Can we not trust the Lord with His own business?

Can we supplement His infallible wisdom—or improve upon His infinite goodness?

Have we not enough to do, if we earnestly endeavor to obey our Lord?
Are we tired of being His disciples and followers?
Do we want to be rulers of the universe?

Why do we strain after things too high for us, intruding into spheres which belong to God alone?

My soul, be still—God is at the helm, and He is well able to pilot the vessel. Keep your hand off the helm! Down with you, unbelief—what have you to do while God Himself provides for His people?