Such a god should be derided, not worshiped!

(William S. Plumer, "Providence Asserted" 1856)

"Our God is in Heaven; He does whatever pleases Him!" Psalm 115:3

"The Lord does whatever pleases Him, throughout all Heaven and earth, and on the seas and in their depths." Psalm 135:6

To deny God's providence is as atheistic as to deny His existence.

Nothing more derogatory to the character of God can possibly be said, than that He does not rule His world.

The world may as well be without a God, as have one who is incompetent to rule it.

A God, who neither sees, nor hears, nor knows, nor cares, nor helps, nor saves—is a vanity, and can never claim homage from intelligent men. Such a god should be derided, not worshiped!

"The Lord reigns, let the nations tremble!" Psalm 99:1

For our Lord God Almighty reigns!" Revelation 19:6