Christ's sympathy

Divine Sympathy

A Bag, a Book, and a Bottle!

The worst calamity is the wisest and the kindest thing which could befall me!

My portion!

This God is mine, in all His glorious perfection!

God's workmanship!

All the jewels in the Savior's crown are without a single flaw!

The man who has God for his portion!

If Jehovah is your God!

Fly into the bosom of Christ for refuge and safety!

The woman had left her only child dead in her home!

Precious Promises for Aged Saints

There is no such thing as "chance," "luck," or "accident"

Christ's sleepless vigilance over His people!

God, the Portion of His People!

All that we can need for life or death, time or eternity!

Carry all your concerns to Him in the arms of faith!

I am the object of God's tender, paternal, and ceaseless care!

The Lord is My Shepherd!

An arm that can never be broken!

All of His glorious attributes and perfections are yours!

My Father!

This one thought is a fountain of unfailing happiness!

The aged believer's cordial

God's care for you reaches to the very least matters!

Amazing love!

Not one tear is lost!

The most accessible and precious spot!

Surely I am with you all the days!

The infinitely wise and gracious God!

Look up!

We must continually come to Him!

A poor, weak, and trembling creature

The last pang, and groan, and tear!

All the sins of the saints!

With perfect wisdom, at the right time, in the right way!

What a comfort is this!

The delight which God has in His redeemed people!

The object of God's tender, perfect and ceaseless care!

On whom do you trust?

The Sure Resource!

God's jewels!

Nothing is left to 'chance'

Like grapes in the wine-press!

All the 'littles' of our little world!

The richest pearl of all the promises!

Nestle in our Savior's arms!

His exaltation is our exaltation!

Think of all the hard things there are in your life

We dwell within the palm of God's hand!

My shepherd!

I will be their God—and they shall be My people!

I want those You have given Me to be with Me!

You yourself will sit with Him upon His throne!

They are so dear to Him, that He cannot take His eyes off them!

The only way to obtain relief under the manifold cares that often encompass our path!

He has a perfect knowledge of all His subjects!

How cheerfully would they pass along the 'journey of life'

What the human heart craves!

The sufferings of this present life

Go to Him in your emptiness, and receive daily out of His fullness!


A poor beast that is going homeward, goes cheerfully!

Your unfailing Guide

When a tear is wept by you—do not think that God does not behold it

The only sure medicine for troubled hearts!

The Promised Strength

Trust His heart—even when you can't trace His hand!

This is a wonderful secret which all of us ought to learn

It is I!

My own special treasure!

Jesus knows!

Nestle in the Savior's arms

The Lord is my Shepherd—I shall not want!

An all-sufficient Savior—and a needy sinner!

We shall not always live in this poor, dying, trying, suffering, sinful state!

I know, O Lord, that Your judgments are right!

The antidote for fear!

The lock-smith's great bunch of keys!

The life-boat of free grace!

A shield and deliverer

He puts a finger upon the scar!

HE cares for ME!

He cannot love you more!

Look up today, O parched plant!

All the Hell that you shall ever have!


What a beautiful picture of my poor, weak, hungry soul

Happiness hunters!

Your walking through this vast wilderness!

Spiritual joys

It will all end in mercy!

Are you not put to shame by every little bird that sits upon the bough and sings, though it has not two grains of barley in all the world?

And when you feel weak—lean hard!

He never trusts 'the rod' out of His own hand!

You are Mine!

Here—put your troubles here!

The master-key which fits the locks!

Pains, infirmities, loss of sleep, the failure of sight and hearing!

The God also of the broken-hearted!

The physician and the patient

If there were an ant at the door of your granary!

The more burdens we put on His shoulders

God is for me!

Sought out!

It is difficult to say which is the more astonishing

Run to your Father!

Lock your hand in His!

We dwell in the palm of God's hand!

God does not promise to lift the burden away

The secret sorrow

All their concerns are upon His heart!

My friend, I know not what your trouble may be

A few more throbbings of this aching heart!

Run to your Father's arms and nestle in His bosom!

The pagans run after all these things!

Our Father is taking care of us!

The Lord's Garden

This is mercy!

He will carry the lambs in His bosom!

Surely it is better to go to Heaven with the few—than to go to Hell with the many!

The poor Christian!

Your heavenly Father knows!

Poor in self—rich in Jesus!

Through a wilderness of sins, sorrows, trials and temptations!

Here is an arm that never can be broken!

The Great Physician and His patients!

You have all your hearts can wish!

O suffering saint!

Here little—and hereafter much!

Comfort for Suffering Saints!

I can take my Elim with me through the great wilderness!

With the fragments of the broken hopes and joys

This life is a valley of tears!

The sweet, twin hounds of heaven!

Do not be afraid, for I am with you!

My Rock!

He is especially kind to the lambs

He makes all His subjects kings!

He not only makes them kings

A weak, defenseless, foolish creature!

My Support!

Lean hard!

He answers these many fears with a single golden sentence!

You will see the reason

A remedy for heart trouble!

What a beautiful picture of my poor, weak, hungry soul

He will carry the lambs in His arms, holding them close to his heart!

Carrying our little troubles and needs to God!

You will soon end your tedious, tiresome journey!

God disciplines us for our good

He may be your emperor—but he is my father!

I do not believe that our heavenly Father will ever forget His redeemed children

I know your sorrows!

With the eye of tenderest love!

The toiling, the tempted, and the sorrowing!

Mother, don't you love me?

My heart feels for you, my dear friend, in your deep, deep trial

Son, you are ever with Me, and all I have is yours!

He loves to see His poor, helpless, suffering patients come!


The best way to be holy

The load will be too heavy for us!


The presence of a loving God!

Worms should be made kings!

The Lord Himself watches over you!

The secret of development of Christian character

Ah yes! He does!

As a mother comforts her child!

The path by which He will conduct you will not always be smooth and pleasant

I know their sorrows!

The heaviest afflictions on this side Hell

My Friend!

We really need very little

Put all sorrow's wounds into His hand

Look unto Me!

Father knows best!

The name of the LORD is a strong tower!

This is a sweet and precious truth!

Genuine assurance

This old house!

We did have a father—it was the devil!

God's bag and bottle

How despicable our troubles and trials will seem!

Now he is comforted!

If God is our Father

A weak, defenseless and foolish creature!

God is our abode, our home!

Ready to sink and faint?

When we find the path thorny, and the journey toilsome!

We have the unspeakable consolation!

Cheer up, my friend!

One blessing after another!

His little retreat, his shrine and his idol

All I need

Sons! Brethren! Princes! Friends! Heirs!

Jewels! My Portion! Mine!

The God of all comfort

His treasured possession

Letter to a stricken soul

Earth's broken things

Your poor, silly sheep

A most sovereign antidote

Great in mercy!






The voice of Jesus in the storm!

With God for your portion!

A loving purpose

Leaning on Jesus

I myself will help you!

As we launch out into another year!


A sermon which Peter never forgot

A Father's hand!

Though you are a worm

Old age is creeping in upon us

I am with you always

I Myself will help you!

The path to comfort in our time of sorrow

Are you a distressed believer?

An ever-present help in trouble

We will be like Him!

Christ's garden!

Christian contentment

We need You to bring us to You!

The sweetest and the most comforting word

The only oasis amid barren deserts

Every bitter cup

Worldly losses

Run to this heavenly Father!

Do not be afraid

The Lord will provide!

We are lifted up in the arms of omnipotence

A beloved child—watched over, cared for, supplied and defended!

Away with every idol!

They were once like us—sorrowing, suffering, sinning!


We have a brother in Heaven!

God's child

I will be their God!

The omnipotent God is your God!

Find rest, O my soul, in God alone!

Return unto your rest, O my soul!

A book for the unsuccessful

The comforts of grace and godliness

Your sins, and errors, and follies

In the great game of existence

How great then, is the blessedness of true believers!

The Savior's abiding presence with His redeemed people!

Prayer for a time of bereavement

When God thwarts, afflicts, and mortifies us

My portion!

Rich to all eternity!

Are you as a bruised flower?

Oh it is a sweet and holy life!

The only happy man in the world!

To wean you from a poor, unsatisfying world

All things work together for good!

Your weeping, aching, languid head!

Happy beyond conception!

My Father, God!

A tiny insect at the door of My all-sufficiency

An almighty Watcher, a sleepless Guardian, a faithful Friend!

It is far better to dwell in a poor cottage!

Half bewildered by the thought!

Your cup of the curse

My own special treasure!


When the tears trickled down His blessed face!

A life of simple, active, and absolute dependence on Jesus!

Whining and whimpering?

Put all the 'creatures' into a cup

Your exceedingly great reward!

The refuge!

Our only refuge in sorrow

The grand secret of daily comfort in Christianity!

There is one stable rock amidst the billows of the sea of life!

Mysteries and perplexities

God bottles every tear!

We see hands and feet and side, all pouring forth crimson streams of precious blood!

If you saw Christ standing beside you all the time

Let this comfort you:

Be strong and courageous

Martin Luther's favorite preacher!

He who counts the stars!

I will never leave you nor forsake you!

Fully, completely and perfectly

My times are in Your hand!

Weaned and divorced from creature help!

Who are they, and from where did they come?

God deals mysteriously with me!

The consolations of Christ

As though it had never been!

Worm Jacob!

An infant's breath might blow it out!

However low we may sink

A double hell

What an unspeakable mercy to have such a Father!

The great secret

The Lord's care of His people

Don't be afraid!

There is room for you there amid the countless ones who fly to it for consolation, safety, and repose!

Nevertheless, I am continually with You!

Fly to Jesus!

All, all is ours!

This alone is the vexed soul's refuge!

My portion!

They are new every morning!

An elastic promise!

Rest in the Lord

He restores the fainting, the dying and the dead!

God's chisel and hammer!

Untried, untrodden, and unknown

True riches and honor!

Endless, sinless, sorrowless immortality!


My own special treasure

There is nothing too trivial

The sole occupant of this boundless universe!

It is I!

I would carry all to Him as one great lump of sin!

People with sore and bruised hearts

There are many devices in a man's heart


Too wise a physician to make any mistakes

Oh, you who want unfailing comfort

It is like the passing cloud on the summer's day!

The Great Artist's chisel!

Our clumsy hands!

The great Sympathizer

While journeying through this wilderness of troubles

Safe in the Almighty Shepherd's hands

What will He do with the lambs?

Weary mariner on life's tempestuous ocean!

When disappointed in the creature

Weary and footsore, panting, and burdened

My heart leaps within me!

We seem to see a child

You hold me by my right hand!

As we grow older

The inexhaustible treasures of His grace!

All that can possibly want!

This ever-present Christ!

The broken fragments of a life

The handkerchief!

You keep track of all my sorrows.

The common complaint

The richest man in the world

Cast your care upon Him who cares for you!

Such a Father is ours!

Carry your troubled heart to Jesus

God's children run home when the storm comes on!

It is your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom!

Wondrous it truly is!

God shall surely visit you!

Oh it is a sweet and holy life!

He has a bottle for that tear!

Their tears are all in His bottle!

He carries the lambs in his bosom

Our portion!

God is for you!

Lift up your heads, you poor, you needy, you disconsolate!

It is their Father's hand which chastens them!

You are My friends!

He always gives sufficient grace

In love He blessed us with all spiritual blessings!

He can extract pleasure out of pain!


Lay your head on His bosom and disclose your deepest sorrow

While we sojourn in this world

Yes, Father

Bring your wounded heart!

Malady and remedy

The one unfailing source of help and comfort!

He will not forget the lambs!

Sovereign, supreme disposal

Sufficient to each day

Does Christ think on me? Does He notice me? Does He love me?

The Shield

Grace denial?

Those everlasting arms!

A life of daily dependence on God!

I am with you always

He can say no more!

Refuge for the soul

It is I!

If more were good for me

All these foes and fears?

Will not the Judge of all the earth do right?

Honor, wealth, and pleasure lose their charms

He will carry the lambs in His arms!

Do not be afraid, for I am with you!

We shall have some hard climbing in our upward journey!

This God is our God forever and ever!

What are the ephemeral distinctions of earth?

The time is short—our obligations are unspeakably great—and Heaven will make amends for all!

He will sustain us so that we may carry it!

Does God know me?

A weeping band

Green pastures

The secret of true happiness

I am a wayward foolish child

One Day at a Time!

Have you ever been caught in this snare?

Surely God is good to Israel—to those who are pure in heart!

Just because He disposes all things

God judges His people

Christian joy!

Isaiah 41:10

Our almighty helper!

What is your sorrow?

The never-failing Fountain of blessing!

This unravels the mystery!

Alone with Jesus!

Throw yourself into His very arms!

By-and-by the old man died, and the widow was left alone!

You have not yet come to the rest and the inheritance which the Lord your God is giving you!

There is but one, abiding, unchanging Sympathizer!

We shall only sink into the everlasting arms!

Comfort in the cloudy and dark day!

His treasured possession!

I know my sheep!

A balm for every wound, a cordial for every care

Polishing the stones!

What could we do in this wilderness world?

Kings in disguise!

The God of the broken-hearted

Fly to Jesus!

What do you need?

Our burdens!

Take both sorrow and sin to the same place!

Poverty & Wealth

All is well

How is affliction a blessing?

An ever-present help in times of trouble!

The sweeping away of our earthly hopes

Rich to all eternity!

Clear views of Christ's priestly office and intercession

If we were more occupied

Better to have sorrow and poverty?

A staggering thought!

The weak, the sick, the burdened, the little ones of His flock.

A system of divine and unfailing consolation!

I will be with you!

His ear is ever open to your cry

My child, have you any food?

He has all comforts at His disposal

As though it had never been!

God's Hand and Heart!

All the fickleness, sinfulness, and unworthiness

The birds and lilies teach me better!

Lord, how can we know the way?

Their resources are very limited—His are infinite!

Leaning upon her Beloved

My child,

If we are in any of these prisons

This unravels the mystery!

Completely healed!

What an angel's tongue never can unfold!

The year before our eyes

Sweet truth is this!

When they are twisted out of my hand

The everlasting arms

Creature idolatry

Bring your sorrows to Me

This divine secret!

Lay it upon the heart pierced by the soldier's lance!

Sea of bliss, ocean of delight!

GOD with us!

Who can be against us?

However low we may sink!

God's promises!

Our Almighty Friend!

Your Almighty Friend!

Without a bottom!

God keeps a tear-bottle!

His mercy is a boundless, fathomless, endless ocean!

Good News for Pilgrims!

Amid all the confusion and tangle

Who holds whom?

The highest class in the school of Christ

But for this one day of life, which is already half over

A mother may forget

An almighty personal Friend

Weep not! Grieve not! Fear not! Tremble not!

The strongest Christian!

Changeful and chequered?

There is no friend like Christ!

Bring me your misery

The life-buoy

Who touched Me?

Love, Jesus

Alas! how we forget!

Our little matters

Christians have unfailing grounds of satisfaction and contentment


I am a pilgrim in the world, but at home in my God!

The religion of JOY

We must not expect much in this base world!

God is my Shepherd!

Fit for the Bride!

All comes from the hand of Him who is too wise to err and too loving to be unkind!

The Complaint!

Look up today, O parched plant!

What do you depend on?

His Heaven mine—my Hell His!

Its tones fall like soothing music on the quivering heart!

Life comes to us in such little bits

My portion!

Little children...

Later you will understand!

Let us bear this in mind, and take comfort in it!

Beloved, soon, O how soon!

Cheer up!

Nevertheless I am continually with You!

Our refuge


Your burden is on His shoulder!

I will give you rest

This is my infirmity!

My sheep!

Lord, let me be a pure stream

I know everything about every one of them!

Broken, trampled, torn

The supplies of His grace and mercy are unexhausted and exhaustless!

Little children, abide in him

Though we do not know where the road winds—we know where it ends!

The happiness of the believer

Tenderly and graciously does He deal with us!

I am God's child!

The substance, the essence, the fullness of all holy joy!

We travel through this intricate wilderness

God notices

We do not know what we might have been!

Certainly I will be with you!

The Christian & the cross!

Come what may

Perfect peace


A quiet heart...

He takes away our props!



You keep track of all my sorrows!

Worth ten thousand worlds!

Wearied, torn, and half expiring

But a little while, and I am there!

Muddy streams and broken, leaky cisterns

Take all to Jesus!

God will dry your tears!

Our extremity

All our little cares

The end of God in all His doings and dealings

Romans 8:28

Why are you cast down, O my soul?

Look up!


There is one hovering around you each moment!

This man receives sinners!

Our journey is drawing to an end


True comfort!

God will never fail you!

A filthy and deformed thing!

The humblest, poorest, and most despised child of God

That magic name!

Microscopic love!

Does He feed His birds, and will He starve His babes?

It will make you doubly happy, even in this life!

What strange beings are these?

The sympathy of Jesus!

Where God sees but a little grace


Speak Lord, for Your servant is listening!

Hear the voice of love in the rod

Two sets of cups!

True happiness!

Inexpressible sweetness!

Our Pilot!

We are Christ's

God's children run home when the storm comes on

In his hands!

Oh, how pleasant to lean upon an almighty arm!

Strong, immutable, and eternal

Blessed is the man

Better an ounce of divine grace!

Comfort, safety, strength, holiness!

In whose hand?

Suck the sweetness out of it!

Oh that I were as in months past

I will help you

Guilty, weak, helpless, ignorant, naked and filthy

Too wise to err and too good to be unkind!

How blessed is my condition!

Comfort in all your trouble


Peace in trouble...


What will it matter?


There is no such thing as luck, chance, or accident, in the journey of our life!

Let the sweetness entice you!

Sufficient strength!


Dearly bought!

Our Tears!


Nevertheless I am continually with You!

The pearl

You see my desires...

We are very weak...


God's eyes are on us!


My weary heart...


The place of comfort!


God on the neck of a sinner!


Daily grace!

The masterpiece of all promises!

I will strengthen you!

Daily mercies...

No matter what corner I go around on the winding road of life

Care of our feet!

Our refuge and strength!


He will warm, soften, and fill it with His love


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