It is far better to dwell in a poor cottage!

(George Lawson, "A Practical Exposition of the Book of Proverbs" 1821)

"The house of the wicked will be destroyed — but the tent of the upright will flourish." Proverbs 14:11

The upright man is far happier in the poorest circumstances — than a wicked man in his greatest prosperity. Though a wicked man surmounts his neighbor as far as the cedars of the mountain overtop the creeping shrubs of the valley — yet he shall be filled with the strokes of divine vengeance. Though he dwells in a magnificent palace — the tempest of divine indignation shall beat it down!

But the righteous man, though at present he appears like the incarnate Savior, a tender plant — shall grow like the cedar in Lebanon. And though his dwelling place is but a tent, it shall flourish, and prosper, and grow into a heavenly mansion! It is far better to dwell in a poor cottage where the blessing of God rests, and in which is heard the melody of joy and praise — than in a palace which lies under the curse of the Lord!