What an unspeakable mercy to have such a Father!

(James Smith, "The Pastor's Morning Visit")

"Return, you backsliding children!" Jeremiah 3:22

We are prone to wander — and are daily going astray!

Our God might justly cast us off — but He lovingly invites us to return. He bids us to take words and come to Him, and gives us every encouragement to hasten to His feet. We are His children, though backsliding; and it is our Father who bids us to return!

Beloved, let us return to our God this morning, let us . . .
  confess our sin,
  deplore our folly,
  beg His pardon,
  plead His Word,
  hope in His mercy, and
  expect His reconciliation and love.

What an unspeakable mercy to have such a Father!

So ready to forgive!

So willing to receive!

So desirous that we should be happy and blessed!

His love is astonishing!

His patience is beyond description!

See His arms extended to you; hear His Word inviting you — and hasten to be blessed! Do not dwell on your miseries, or your wretchedness; they are the effects of your backsliding. He says, "I will heal your backslidings!"

"Come, and let us return unto the Lord; for He has torn us — and will heal us! He has smitten us — and He will bind us up!"