Father knows best!

(John Newton's Letters)

"My times are in Your hands!"
Psalm 31:15

This world seems all uncertainty — yet all is under the unspeakably gracious and infallibly wise direction of our Heavenly Father.

Oh! This is the great thing to be desired — to be savingly interested in the promise which engages that all things shall work together for our good — to give us a fitness for the inheritance of the saints in light, so that at last we may attain to His eternal joy. That will make rich amends for all the trials we can meet with along the way.

Our heavenly Father knows best, what is good for us. Oh, for grace to yield ourselves simply and cheerfully to His wise management. Hitherto He has helped us, and all His paths have been mercy and truth. What reasons have we to praise Him for the past — and to trust Him for the rest!

The Lord knows, and He permits me to tell Him what I feel or fear or wish. But when I have done so, it befits me to submit all to Him and to say, "Not my will — but may Your will be done." I aim to say this from my heart, and to account it not only my duty — but my privilege to prefer His choice to my own.

The Lord graciously adjusts all our concerns — and it is our privilege to peaceably and thankfully submit to His judicious management. Our times are in His hands. Vastly more than we are aware of, depends upon the Lord's wise controlling of all our affairs. Is it not a comfort to a blind man, to have an unfailing guide whom he may fully and safely trust?

May we be willing to leave all our concerns in His skillful and faithful hands — to live to Him and for Him today, and to trust Him for the events of tomorrow.

Oh how happy we are — when we can leave all in His nail-pierced hands!