Our portion!

(James Smith, "Daily Bible Readings for the Lord's Household")

"They shall rejoice in their portion!" Isaiah 61:7

The Lord's people often appear to have very little to rejoice in on earth — as the ground of their joy is invisible.

The Lord is their portion now — and in possessing Him — they really possess all things. The Lord Himself is their inheritance.

They shall possess the glorious land also, as their portion soon. It is a land . . .
  where storms never arise,
  where diseases never come,
  where sorrow is never known,
  where pain is never felt,
  where the Lamb shall be their light,
  and a present God their glory!

But they may and do rejoice along their way to this glorious land!

They rejoice that they have infallible direction — so that they can never miss their road!
They rejoice that they have omnipotent protection — so that they shall safely arrive at the end!

They rejoice that they have unfailing supplies — so that they shall never be left to necessity!

They rejoice that they have a sovereign God — who overrules everything for their good!

They shall rejoice in their PORTION:
  in its greatness — for it is as vast as infinity;
  in its goodness — for it is the best in existence;
  in its permanence — for it shall never pass into other hands;
  in its purity — for it is perfect holiness;
  and in its certainty — for it can never be forfeited or lost!

"They shall rejoice in their portion!"