Delighting in God!

The loving heart of an actual living Christ

The essential thing in the Christian life!

Imitate the miser!

I am somewhat like that bird!

Christ's garden!

Undeserving, ill-deserving, hell-deserving

If I could live a thousand lives!

An inexhaustible fullness

It is utterly impossible!

You blind fools!

Why do we love Jesus?

Supremely precious

Your hearts have gone a-whoring from Him!

Love flowing from a sight of the cross!

Rise up my love, my beautiful one, and come away!

28 Motives to Love Jesus!

We are like that dove!

True growth in grace!

Lord! smite my rocky heart!

At the feet of Jesus!

The greatest blessing—and the sorest curse!

We are not flogged into loving Him

The compass-needle!

Which would you really choose?

Desiring God!

Can it be possible?

The believer's happiness

Look into those languid eyes!

Five sharp stings!

A beast with a man's head!

Hellish sin! Stupendous wickedness! Monstrous impiety!

Wherever he turned, the sun was there!

My unstable soul!

MY having been His murderer!

Some creature steals away your heart

A gracious influence

For to me, to live is Christ

The more vile we are in our own eyes

God has two hedges

Coming daily and hourly to Jesus

A powerful, operative, abiding principle

What mortals so pursue

Dolls and rattles

Only a kiss!

He felt himself in a great strait!

It is not your work that He wants most—it is you

They are the treasures which His great heart covets!

Is it nothing to you?

I am my Beloved's—and my Beloved is mine!

Transformed into His likeness!

My Beloved is mine—and I am His!

What can mortal man give to his God?

Her life-lesson was comprised in four words

Keep a fixed eye upon a bleeding Christ

They love their very beasts!

They will never be weary of gazing on His lovely face!

When Brutus went to stab Julius Caesar

The queen of graces

In characters of blood

Why, they are like Jesus Christ

How may we know whether we love God?

Do you love Me?

Do you love Me?


Mary's portion

Wounding Jesus!

Ah, the thanklessness of it, the ugliness, the evil!

I have this against you!

A serious defect!

As we look at this slain Lamb!

If You gave me a mountain of gold

Loving the unseen Christ

A mark which is always set upon Christ's sheep, and never set upon any others!

The old monks intently gazed upon the crucifix

Pleasure, delight, contentment & satisfaction in God

He looks above and beyond the troublesome scenes of earth's fleeting pilgrimage

Ah, my much abused, much neglected heart!

My friend, how is it with you?

Can we forget such mighty grace?

Stricken and smitten and afflicted

If Christ has our love—then He has our ALL!

Desires after Christ!

O shame upon every one of us!

Her friends wondered what the secret could be!

The small coins of love!

Growing in grace

Were it no bigger than a child's doll

Why do our hearts grow so cold?

True love to Christ!

Have you seen Jesus lately?

We were stinking in the grave of sin!

Give Christ your love!

The spring of true obedience to God!

Personal intimacy with the Lord Jesus

I fall at Your feet, my Jesus

That secret loveliness

The worst-tempered people

How much influence has the love of Christ had over us?

The only condition of soul health

Spiritual change?

The sum total of my experience is:

Come to Christ as Mary Magdalene did!

Have we not leaned upon a thousand things?

Live much in Heaven

How may I pass through life with the least inconvenience?

Then you will be thankful


My sweet pomegranate wine

Feel My bleeding heart

Christ must be all!

If she has exceeded some of us in the heinousness of her sin

Love of Jesus

The reason why He is not loved

Is Jesus increasingly precious to you?

If you want to see what sin really is

Broke her heart all in pieces

The grand secret!

Let your daily history

To know Christ experimentally!

You take the goods

The happy secret of retaining our mercies

A living, loving, personal Savior

How emptying, humbling, and abasing!

A sea of sin—and not a drop of sorrow!

Better than life!

An infallible test!

Poverty, wretchedness, and woe!

Hanging upon a rich, almighty Savior!

Their blessings fall upon us as perpetually, in a gentle rain of grace

Is there no silent lesson here for us?

A hard, proud, hollow religion

Inexpressible sweetness!

Jesus deserves our best!

My poor, depraved, polluted heart!

Holy water?

True spiritual life!

The Great Commandment

I have this against you!

Your beloved?

I have only one passion, and that is Jesus!

Our hearts!

For me!

Every heart

The monarch of our affections!

Idols are at once cast away

The dearest idol I have known

Why do we love Him?

Your Savior-God has married you!

Like a little child in the arms of eternal love

Never enough!

Irresistible love!

May our hearts glow with seraphic love

I Must Know Him!

Are we willing this very night to leave all on earth, and go to Jesus?

Forgetful of Jesus?

Make God glad!

If Jesus is not loved above all!

High Proficiency in Divine Things?

Love's food!


A Very Tempest of Delight!

Loving God deeply

Why do we love God?

Because he first loved us!


Was there ever a better student in divine knowledge?


The sum of all spiritual progress in spiritual life is

The chain of redeeming love now holds them!


If you love me?


Christ is never fully valued

Have we nothing to give Christ?

A woman who had lived a sinful life


We MUST love Christ

How could I?

My Beloved is mine—and I am His!

Why do we love Jesus?

Oh, How precious is Christ!

Love for Christ...

Go back to Calvary!

Christ rightly known...

Soul satisfaction


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