True growth in grace!

(Archibald Brown, "
He is Precious!")

"To you therefore who believe, He is precious!" 1 Peter 2:7

The word "precious" has a stronger meaning than appears on its surface; it is really "To you who believe, He is preciousness," or all-precious. Christ is . . .
  a sun which ever shines;
  a garden which is always full of flowers and fruits;
  a hive ever full of honey;
  a fountain which is always full;
  a brook which never dries;
  a rose that always blooms;
  an ocean of sweetness without a drop of gall.

To the child of God, a personal living Christ is most dear.
He is not satisfied with a mere love for . . .
  Christ's doctrines,
  Christ's promises,
  or Christ's gifts.
His affections entwine themselves round about Christ's person. Jesus is to him his brother, friend, companion, the one with whom he walks and talks.

True growth in grace consists of a personal Savior growing increasingly precious.

How sad it is that so many fall short of this experience. Their religion is entered more in a code of rules and collections of doctrines — than in the person of the dear Redeemer.

Yes, to you who believe, He Himself is precious!

Not only His house — for it is quite possible to like a person's house exceedingly, and yet have no particular love for the owner of that house.

Not only His book — for there are many books you may enjoy reading, and yet have neither knowledge of, nor affection for, the author.

Not only His gifts — for how many there are who value a man's gifts, while they despise him in their heart.

But He Himself, apart from all that He gives, will be your heart's dearest love.

"My God, I love You; not because
 I hope for Heaven thereby.
Nor because those who love You not,
 Must burn eternally.

Not with the hope of gaining anything,
 Nor seeking a reward;
But as Yourself have loved me,
 O ever-loving Lord."

"Whom have I in Heaven but You? I desire You more than anything on earth!" Psalm 73:25