The sum total of my experience is:

The following is an excerpt from the diary of James Smith)

March 27, 1861.
Jesus is precious — very precious, to my soul. I love Him, rest in Him, preach Him, and wish that I could exalt Him a thousand times higher than I do!

The sum total of my experience is:
I am nothing — but Christ is all! I am sin — and Christ is my salvation.

No one ever needed Jesus more, no one will be under greater obligations to Him, than I am. I am never so happy as when I am alone, thinking of Him, reading of Him, or writing about Him — unless it be sometimes, when I am preaching about Him, assisted by His ever blessed Spirit.

Jesus is mine — and I am His. I think I may go even further than this, and say as the spouse did, "I am my Beloved's — and His desire is toward me." O to honor His dear name more! O to glorify Him on earth, until He glorifies me with Himself, in Heaven! Anything for Jesus! Anywhere with Jesus! Thus my soul cries,

"Do not I love you, dearest Lord,
 Behold my heart and see;
 And turn each cursed idol out,
 That dares to rival Thee!"