Was there ever a better student in divine knowledge?

(George Everard, "At the Feet of Jesus!" 1884)

"Mary seated herself at the Lord's feet and was listening to His teaching." Luke 10:39

Holy Scripture abounds in promises to the humble.
"He exalts the humble and meek."
"He who humbles himself shall be exalted."
"God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble."

To take the lowest place, to sit down in the lowest room — is the sure road to true peace on earth and a throne of glory hereafter. By this path our Master went before — and we must endeavor to walk in His footsteps.

For this purpose, let us keep close to the Savior. For all that we need, let us abide "at His feet."

Let us look at the feet of Jesus, as the place for the LEARNER. And was there ever a better student in divine knowledge than Mary of Bethany? While her sister was hard at work, desiring to honor Christ by providing for His physical needs — Mary sat quiet and still, calmly drinking in the words of grace and wisdom and love that flowed from His lips. His words sank very deep. She was filled with faith and love and reverence and holy joy and strength of soul. She was prepared for days of sorrow that lay before her. She learned well the lesson of His love, which led her in future days to bring her box of ointment and anoint Him for His burial.

Like Mary, come to the footstool of Jesus. Be a willing pupil in His school. Ever hearken to the voice that speaks to us from God.

The written Word is to us, in place of the teachings of the Incarnate Word. And in the study of the Word, nourish a quietness and stillness of spirit as in the very presence of Jesus. Believe it, that Christ is as near to you, as to Mary as she sat at His feet. And in the consciousness of this — avoid all hurried, hasty reading. Watch against the mind being preoccupied with business or anything of earth. Realize Christ close beside you, and let this thought calm and refresh your spirit, and prepare you to receive whatever instruction you need.

And as you read, be ever looking to Jesus for divine illumination. We can imagine Mary looking up again and again to the Savior when anything seemed beyond her. Then He would open her understanding, give her some fresh word of explanation, and make it all plain.

Only catch the humble, teachable spirit of Mary — and doubtless you shall have Mary's blessing and reward.

It is a blessed thing to be with Christ, as a lowly, teachable learner, drinking in the words of eternal life.