Look into those languid eyes!

Charles Spurgeon

Show me why You contend with me!" Job 10:2

Beloved, it was thus once with you--a text of Scripture, a threatening, a touch of the rod of affliction--and you went to your Father's feet, crying, "Show me why You contend with me!" Is it so now? Are you content to follow Jesus, afar off? O it is a grievous thing, when we can live contentedly, without the present enjoyment of the Savior's face. Let us labor to feel what an evil thing this is--little love to our own dying Savior, little joy in our precious Jesus, little fellowship with the Beloved!

Remember where you first received salvation. Go at once to the cross! There, and there alone--can you get your heart quickened. No matter how hard, how insensible, how dead you may have become--go again in all the rags, poverty, and defilement of your present condition. Clasp that cross! Look into those languid eyes! Bathe in that fountain filled with blood! This
alone will bring you back to your first love; this alone will restore the simplicity of your faith, and the tenderness of your heart!