Paul's subject!

Your portrait!

The covenant of grace!

He beholds the idol in its natural deformity!

Most probably, I would have been in Hell!

The very best things — for the very worst of men

Everybody is going to be saved — and nobody going to be lost!

God saves sinners apart from the preaching of the gospel

How is it?

Where shall you find a rock?

The unchangeable method of God!

Jesus and the Sinner

Grace levels all distinctions!

The glorious gospel of Christ!

A little book, which contains only three pages

Where then, are all my spots?

True Christianity

The cross of our Lord Jesus Christ!

The path of the scissors!

When you were marching to Hell!

The Shepherd searching for the sheep

God's love is revealed and made known by these six deeds of indescribable love!

This is the true grace of God

God-pardoned, God-reconciled, Sin-delivered, God-arrayed, Heaven-entitled souls

Behold the creeping worm!

Suppose an unholy man went to heaven

Mercy swims to us through Christ's blood

So blind, so deaf, so dumb, so lame, so dead

I would have carried the whole human race to Hell with me!

Almost saved!

WHO made us to differ?

O the riches of sovereign grace! O the wonders of redeeming love!

Justice and mercy!

Every creature has some rock

The thief!

I awake, a new man in a new world of light and love!

He chooses and saves one of His crucifiers

Christ takes the garbage!

If a lobster loses its claw in a fight

A cooler Hell!

The brain and spinal cord of Christianity!

You were fitter to be loathed, than loved!

He is both depraved and condemned!

The True Church!

The only thing that makes you differ

The Devil's Delusion

Let no swine trample it under his feet!

The New Testament Christian

I will rejoice in Your salvation!

We are not saved by a creed!

Wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, redemption

Infected with a most dreadful, fearful, soul-killing disease!

All the links of the golden chain of salvation

Singled out by the sovereign grace of God!

The Devil's riff-raffs!

We were dead men rotting in a dunghill of sin!

The most hideous blasphemy ever to be spewed from the pit of darkness!

The greatest miracle that God does today!

What is it, to be a Christian?

Paying for admittance into Heaven

How befilthying a thing it is

There are only two things which I am sure of

A bull may be adorned with ribbons

He shall save His people from their sins

Your sins, and errors, and follies

The unworthiness and unlikeliness of its objects!

Entering the Narrow Gate

Walking along the Narrow Way

Abounding grace!

Can God, who is infinitely pure, love such a being?

None are too sinful, too base, too vile, or too far gone!

The Lamb of God being roasted in the fire of God's wrath!

Far from a world of grief and sin—with God eternally shut in!

He became sick on Saturday — and died on Monday!

He died for His patients!

The birthmarks of a true child of God

The physician's blood became the sick man's salve!

A saving 'coming to Christ'

A cleaner way to Hell

Who makes you differ from another?

This was an act of pure mercy — of pure grace!

See the cause of my happiness

With lowly reverence at the foot of the Cross

If God had left me alone

By the grace of God — I am what I am!

In God's cup of salvation!

Grace personified!

Distinguishing Grace!

The only qualification for man to come to Jesus

Salvation is by free grace alone!

This perfume of free grace!

The covenant of grace

The glorious effects produced by it!

By the grace of God I am what I am!

It has ruined him, body and soul

Before the Lord saved me

The Good Shepherd

Christ stands ready as a fire-escape!

All the punishments of hell

Head, hand, heart, lip, and life

Jesus Christ went into the furnace of His Father's wrath

The sanctifying power of the cross!

Everywhere may we trace the slime of the old serpent!

Once saved, always saved!

A prayer for the devil!

Jesus Christ and Him crucified

The incredible greatness of His power

Grace found her a maniac — and made her a minister!

Bring nothing but your sins and miseries!

To the uttermost!

That is what some of you were!

Many divine miracles


Oh to grace how great a debtor!

Five devilisms!

Two gates, two ways, two ends!

Salvation is of grace, from first to last!

What He has purposed in eternity past—He works in time

The transforming power of the Spirit!

Such a brat of hell as I!

He loves the things that once he hated

The free grace of God!

Oh, free, rich, glorious grace!

Christ, by His death

This sinner, not the Pharisee

We have actually outsinned thousands

One foot in Hell

The remedy of all our miseries!

How divinely glorious!

Isaiah 53:5

The little book told the whole story of his life!

A meaningless gospel, a meaningless god, and a meaningless savior!

That wonderful medicine!

What a mercy, then, to be stripped of all


Those are charming bells indeed!

The Lord's portion

The gospel

Religious delirium? Spiritual chloroform? Religious inebriation?

Free grace! Unmerited mercy! Sovereign love!

The true salamander's skin!


Idling life away like an idiot or a madman

Some who read these lines

The cross has not become obsolete!

But God

His mercy is a boundless, fathomless, endless ocean!

Without holiness

The miserable dregs of self

I loathe myself beyond expression

I am not what I once was

Into the depths of the sea!

This divine and marvelous Fountain!

Fig leaves!

O, give thanks to the Lord

This idol-making, idol-loving world

The infinities of bliss and glory!

All of us used to live that way

A cleaner way to hell

Remember . . .

The more lovely does Jesus appear!

To constitute a man a Christian

Kissing each other!

He has rescued us!

The whole Bible, condensed into a single term!

He found me in a waste howling wilderness indeed!

Here, and here alone

Every cent!

We need grace, free grace

Grace, grace!

Super-abounding grace

Utter beggary and complete bankruptcy

You owe the whole to sovereign grace!

He redeemed me! He redeemed me! He redeemed me!

Oh, how religious he once used to be!

The kingdom of Christ

Sin and the sin offering!

Your filth will be washed away!

Supernatural light

Mr. Hill, I am pleased to see you — I am one of your converts!

What we were, and what we now are!

Look to the rock from whence you were hewn, and to the pit from whence you were dug!

The serpent's poison taints infant veins

Behold, all things have become new!

Behold, all things have become new, part 2

The Gospel

The true church comprises . . .

Can the Ethiopian change his skin?

Such guilty, filthy, and polluted souls!

If I did perish, it would be at Mercy's feet!

The design of Christ's work

An imaginary Christ will not bring a real salvation


Continual salvation?

The plank of free grace!

The gate

He found their hearts estranged from Him

Some Definitions

Salvation turns the soul completely around!

This humiliating doctrine?

Every stone in salvation's beauteous fabric

I was a poor, lost creature

The very thought is appalling!

All glory to the gospel of Free Grace!

The Gospel

Sovereign Grace Hated by the Modern Religionist!

The doctrine of creature merit?

The others, where are they?

God's dealings with a sin slain race!

Conceive of the rapid and glorious change!

He found it in the prison house of the devil

The great fish college!

Oh! the riches of the grace of our God!

The most wonderful plan!

Who has made you to differ?

To free, sovereign, boundless love be all the praise!

The masterpiece!

Who makes you differ from thousands?

A sea of grace — or but a drop of grace

Extremely derogatory to human pride!

We hate the world's religion!

The idol, self, falls prostrate before Jesus Christ!

Salvation by ceremonies?

Christ came to save those who are lost at last in Hell

Everyone desires to be saved from the pit

The most monstrous iniquity that could ever have been imputed to Saturn, to Janus, to the goddess of the Thugs!

And the young died too!

Every man is born a Pharisee

Sitting side by side with corpses

A sort of second edition of the written Scriptures

Married to an Ethiopian woman

Are only a few people going to be saved?


This man receives sinners!

The god of modern religion

We are saved by HOPE

Don't ever forget!

The Grace of God

Free Will or Free Grace?

That awful doctrine

The greatest wonder in heaven, or earth, or even in hell!

For Whom Did Christ Die?

No scanty thing, doled out in pittances!

At the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ

This is one of the most foolish of all lies!

Morality will keep you out of jail

Jesus has done it all!


The hill of comfort

"But God......"


Sanctifying grace, as well as pardoning mercy!

Oh, the heights, depths, lengths, and breadths of grace!

The favorite delusion of sinners

The eyes of your heart!

The Sovereign Grace of God!

That block of marble!

A clean path to Hell!

What abounding grace!

The cross of Christ

The crucifixion of Christ

The redeemed are held and secured by a threefold cord which can never be broken!

The Grace of God

It is your duty to assure him that he is not saved

You are complete in Him

Saving grace or Common grace?

SELF is always the carnal man's god

Who is this coming up from the wilderness

The wrath of God due to them fell upon Him!

What, O Christian, has God done for you?

Four facts of Scripture

Arminianism versus Christianity

The college of fools!

There goes John Bradford!

The Babel of his own righteousness topples and falls!

Free grace and love!

All Mine are Yours — and Yours are Mine!

Our works are all broken and faulty

The very remedy for all the maladies which we groan under

By the grace of God I am what I am!

The Christian is not a good man

He who believes shall be saved, be his sins ever so many

My eyes have seen your salvation!

My salvation comes from Him!

The Arminian 'gospel'

The Great Worker of Salvation!

Hanging upon a rich, almighty Savior!

And how is it that I am made to differ?


He has guided our feet there!

Monster & monument!

True conversion

A parable...

Regeneration, repentance, faith, conversion

God's abhorrence of sin

How Spurgeon learned sovereign grace?


Every kind of sin

The hammer & fire!

Bitten by this serpent's tooth

The one and only remedy!

The price of our freedom

The sum of wisdom...

The only system adapted to his case!

The terms upon which God in the gospel offers Christ!

This is what the Lord says

God only saves the Un-People!

This city was a moral cesspool, a sink of pollution, filled with all corruption, and reeking with vileness!

We owe everything to grace!

This poor, shame-soiled, sin-ruined thing!

Christ Crucified!


Salvation by Grace!

Universal Redemption?

Why did Christ die at Calvary?

The world's hope, heaven's joy,
hell's terror, and eternity's song!


Salvation from Hell—or from sin?

For every man?

"Thus it was with me."

Full Redemption!

The most crimson sins?

He endured them all!

For WHOM did Christ die?

My substitute!

The Hiding Place!

The matchless wisdom of God which devised this system of salvation!

It is a free grace salvation!

A lost and undone sinner!

Out of black sinners!

Election! Redemption! Calling! Justification! Preservation!

Admire and adore God's Free Grace!

The grace of God!

The only difference!

The clean path to Hell!

The way of self righteousness

Grace, grace, grace!

Cast off the filthy rags

He shall save His people from their sins!


This cruel foe will surely seize you!

Predestined Salvation!

Casting all our sins into oblivion!


Look at that cold creeping worm!


Hail, Sovereign Grace, Eternal, Free!

If you would adopt a swine to be your child!

A beautiful fiction, a sentimental belief, a formal theory

The false doctrine of universal redemption!

The garnishings of morality

Here is a constellation of wonders!

Man-centered, man-exalting, man-pleasing, God-debasing, God-hating religion

One drop of human merit in a sea of free grace

But it leads to the bottomless pit!

What are you, O mighty mountain?

The absolute Monarch of the universe!

Sovereign Grace!

No Arminians in heaven?

Universal nonsense!

Death-bed salvations?

All-sufficient salvation!

God Rules!

All of Grace

It always issues in the following


Why a man is saved?

Suppose I have fallen into some great sin—what then?

What is it to preach the gospel?

A wonderful text!

A little parable...

Divine Sovereignty

Glad for crumbs of mercy


The Mark?

Three great wonders in heaven!


The guilty, naked sinner!

Salvation by Grace!

Sovereignty and Salvation!

I am eternally His!

No new doctrine

The one remedy!

Invincible grace!

God's sovereignty!

Free Grace!

What glad return can I impart?

All glory to the great I AM

Ah! but for free and sovereign grace!


Spurgeon's theology


Lest we awake to find that we are paupers for evermore!

Why me, Lord?

The Covenant of Grace!

Sovereign Grace!

All things are of God...

Grace, 'tis a charming sound — harmonious to the ear!

None of God's elect die before they are converted!

Divine sovereignty!

God's sovereignty!

Offensive teachings?

Modern religion?

The gospel...

Mighty, efficacious and irresistible grace!

God's saving grace...

A rebellious, filthy, frightful, ugly child!

Omnipotence of grace!

Divine Sovereignty!

The most delightful doctrine!

Oh! look before you, and see where it leads!

The gospel of God's grace

See, grace lifts up the beggar from the dunghill, and makes him to sit among princes!

Who but Christ?

You may think that I am unloving, narrow-minded, bigoted!

Poor Jack!


Childhood Conversion

They are all gone!

Eight Stubborn Statements!

There is something infinitely vast and glorious in Christ's righteousness!

Gospel Distinctives


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