(James Smith, "The Voice of Mercy in the House of Affliction!" 1855)

Salvation is . . .
the greatest blessing that God can bestow;
deliverance from the greatest misery;
exaltation to the greatest happiness;
the greatest change in man's state and character which can possibly be effected;
the greatest display of the love, wisdom, grace, and power of God!

Salvation is the very blessing that you need. The blessing which you must receive — or be eternally undone!

Salvation is a blessing for the PRESENT, for it is deliverance . . .
  from the guilt of sin — which makes you miserable;
  from the power of sin — which makes you unholy; and
  from the love of sin — which proves you to be God's enemy.

Salvation is a blessing for the FUTURE: it secures to you safety and happiness in time — and glory, honor, immortality, and eternal life when time shall be no more!

Salvation is a blessing which comprehends every other blessing.
If the man is saved — then all good things are his.
If the man is lost — then nothing good is his.
To be saved, is . . .
  for the soul to be restored to a right relationship to God;
  to be put in possession of unsearchable wealth;
  to be raised to the highest honor; and
  to be entitled to eternal glory!
No word is as sweet as salvation — as no word is as dreadful as its opposite, damnation! Reader, there is no intermediate state between these two extremes.