The Lamb of God being roasted in the fire of God's wrath!

(Thomas Watson, "
A Treatise Concerning Meditation")

Meditate much on Hell. Let us go into Hell by contemplation — that we may not go into Hell by condemnation.

How hopeless is the condition of the damned! There is neither intermission nor mitigation in their pains. The ancients fabled of Endymion, that he got permission from Jupiter always to sleep. What would the damned in Hell give for such a license!

The serious meditation on Hell, would make us fear sin as Hell. Sin is Hell's fuel! Sin like Samson's foxes, carries devouring fire in its tail.

Meditation on Hell should cause rejoicing in a child of God. A believer may fear to think of the place of torment — but rejoice to think he shall never come into that place. A child of God, when he thinks of Hell — he rejoices with trembling. A prison is not made for the king's son to be put in. A great naturalist observes that nothing will so soon quench fire — as salt and blood; but I am sure of this — the salt brinish tears of repentance, and the blood of Christ will quench the fire of Hell to a believer.

Christ Himself has felt the pains of Hell for you — the Lamb of God being roasted in the fire of God's wrath! By this burnt-offering, the Lord is now appeased towards His people. Oh how may the godly rejoice! Christ being for a time in the fiery furnace of God's wrath — that fire can do a believer no hurt. The saints have the garment of Christ's righteousness upon them, and the fire of Hell can never singe this garment!

"Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus." Romans 8:1