My salvation comes from Him!

(Alexander Smellie, "The Hour of Silence" 1899)

"My salvation comes from Him!" Psalm 62:1

I see many wonders in God's salvation. It is as many-sided as the ocean with its moods and waves.

There is the wonder of its origin. From HIM it takes its rise and source — oh pregnant pronoun!
From the King against whom I have revolted.
From the Friend whose wishes I have opposed.
From the thrice-holy One, to whom the smallest of my sins is absolutely hateful.
From the Father on whom I have turned my back.
It is He who approaches me with the white flag of peace.
It is He who sacrifices Himself to accomplish my deliverance!

And there is the wonder of its continuousness. Salvation keeps coming — it does not cease. It flows, and deepens, and broadens. God does not weary, though there are ten thousand reasons why He should. The Savior does not lose His sympathy and grace. The Holy Spirit goes on performing His good work. It is an "eternal salvation". Hebrews 5:9

And there is the wonder of its object. It is MY salvation — mine, incredible as that may seem. It is a miracle to me that my past guilt should be pardoned — such a terrible criminality there was in my heart. It is a miracle to me that my present imperfections should be borne with and overcome. Such a forbearing, conquering patience I need — for I am the chief of sinners!

And there is the wonder of its abundance. It is SALVATION which comes to me. Salvation is a palace with many rooms in it. It is a landscape in which many different elements of beauty are found — mountain, and river, and lush pasture-ground, and darker forest, and the silver streak of the sea.

I think of salvation from the divine side — and how much it cost God!

I think of salvation from the human side — and how much it brings to me!

"Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!" 2 Corinthians 9:15