A continual supply of grace, comfort, and strength

I am a perverse and unruly patient!

One wrong step — and down we go!

God will not throw away His jewels!

A union which will last forever!

Our invisible building

What a mercy that I have been preserved so long!

True love to God says

Without supplies of grace from Christ

When I hide myself in the Rock of Ages cleft for me!

Can we ever reach the promised land?

The believer's eternal confession!

The hiding place

Why, papa, you have mamma and me left!

I am sure I cannot endure to the end!

We have need to use this prayer at all times!

Unless we are upheld by an invisible arm!

Grace denial

A shield and deliverer

To him who overcomes!

You have gunpowder hearts!

The temptation, and the opportunity

In that moment we would fall into mischief and misery, if not into Hell!

They chained and nailed their god Apollo to a post

Looking unto Jesus!

The best of saints are sinners

You have but a little way to go!

But oh, the struggle! oh, the conflict!

This is the struggle!

What a contrast, mixture, paradox I am!

The fight!

All the sins of the saints

The Lord preserves His people

Strength for the Day

Do not forsake me, O Lord!

I will uphold you with My righteous right hand!

Our sins—His mercies!

The Breaker!

These peril-beset feet of mine!

The ruined handkerchief

He never takes His eyes off them!

The Christian's safety!

Poor ship!

Our continual and absolute need of Christ

A child of God in London!

My grace is sufficient for you

His sheep feed in the midst of wolves!

We are never out of danger — while we are out of Heaven!

God's work of grace in the soul

Our path is often slippery!

There is enough tinder in the heart of the holiest of men, to light a fire that shall burn to the lowest Hell!

I need to be daily kept!

There goes John Bradford!

Growing worse?

Hold me up!

He continually delivers us!

Under Divine teaching and guidance

What a holy, happy life is this!

Daily supplies

We not only need help every day — but every moment!

An almighty arm!

If God had not helped us

A mixed condition

The sweet nature of grace

A poor, weak, and trembling creature

My deliverer!

The diamond rivet!

The slippery paths of a tempted, tried and afflicted believer

Exercises of sin and grace

The path of each day

My shield

Who are they, and from where did they come?

Eminent piety

The race!

There are many roaring devils around us!

Blessed are the poor in spirit

If I were not so poor, so sick, so foolish

The model and strength of his life


The kingship of Christ

The best fighting!

Nothing but the blood of Christ

These forty years in the wilderness

A little picture of Christ!

But my eye and my heart are to Jesus!

We have many foes!

How is all this to be done?

God hems me in!

How can he travel through this waste howling wilderness?

We journey onward through a waste howling wilderness

And will He feed His birds — and starve His children?

The shadow of God's wings!

Lord, I feel my own utter helplessness!

The believer's growth in grace

Unfreeze the frozen graces

Not one of us would ever be saved!

The dark tale

He will guide us to the end of the journey!

I look to You for strength

They shall not swoon, nor halt, nor turn back

If we were left to ourselves

An almost boundless capacity of wickedness

Strangle and suffocate it!

Steep, craggy, and beset with foes!

The omnipotent Savior!

A sweeter, holier life

Daily bread

Christ, sin, self

The Christian's strength

Worse than a dog!

I am truly a marvel and miracle!

A life of faith

Come and eat!

My sheep

A lion! a dragon! a serpent!

Beset with many difficulties

Prone to wander!

To live and walk by faith

A miracle of omnipotent grace!

The seeds of every wickedness

It is by faith


A mixed condition

Sweet subject!

I do not believe that our heavenly Father will ever forget His redeemed children

You have only just begun!

I am a living commentary!

A silly fly!

A weak, defenseless, thoughtless creature — and prone to wander!

They will never perish!

If your flesh had its full swing

The way to obtain the help of God

We must fly to God!

These "lovers" of ours

Many are the hindrances, and many the snares!

The Midas touch!

This is not your resting-place

At the cross alone

A little, poor, helpless child

My path


How shall they escape?

Lord, here I am

Let God but take the cover off

Unto the end!

Lord, I am a poor, blind child

Guilt, filth, power, love, and practice

Dead or wounded?

I will hold you up with My victorious right hand!

A little drop of purity in the midst of impurity

In a most mysterious and inexplicable manner

Almost gone!

He alone can rescue me

Preserving grace before regeneration

She had been plucked from the burning fires of Sodom!

Where did God find you?

A flowery path

If God left us for a single hour

To walk after the flesh

Treasure in earthen vessels

I was almost gone!


Spiritual Greatness

First place in your thoughts

All must fall

If only one of God's sheep were to perish!

One incessant fight!

We live by faith

What! Will He forgive us all sins?

The sins and slips of the saints

Make straight paths for your feet

Safe in the Almighty Shepherd's hands!

Go, perish! ungrateful apostate!

The secret of peace and power

Have we not many Orpahs?


Five devilisms!

How so?

Continual salvation?

The youngest, the weakest, the sickliest

To bathe in the ocean of endless bliss!

Wearied, torn, and half expiring

No pilgrim has perished on the road!

Remaining enmity, sin, and ungodliness

Were we left wholly in its hands!

Our greatest enemy

The best human advice

Progress in the divine life

The work of our great high priest at present

The hard-hearted, cold-blooded, wise-headed
professor sees no snares

The Lord's secret power in our souls?

God's jewels


A lily among thorns

God will meet all your needs

Ah! we live in an enemy's land!

Behold His precious Gift transfixed to it!

He will slay his idols

Is Miss Much-Afraid here?

That word, uttermost

Two paths


Who can be against us?

The great Shepherd!

The secret of peace and power

He sees you, haggard, hunger-stricken

I will uphold you with My victorious right hand!

They will never perish — ever!

If God restrained us not

Like a rock!

Hold me and never let me go!

Unless sustained by a heavenly arm

A melancholy spectacle?

The best of saints would fall into the worst of sins?

We are never beyond the reach of His care!

All others are walking to perdition!

John 10:27-29

How are we to walk safely along such a path?

God's children may backslide

But for the special and unceasing grace of God

Fresh supplies of Your grace

Our refuge

The Artist!

What a debt of love we owe Him!

These saving lessons


Sufficient to each day

Weakness and helplessness?

If God should forsake the best saint?

His grasp!

If God withheld His mercy

God's jewels

My soul, where would you have been this day?



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