Under Divine teaching and guidance

(James Smith, "
The Spirit of Wisdom" 1853)

"Show me your ways, O Lord,
 teach me your paths;
 guide me in your truth and teach me."
    Psalm 25:4-5

Under Divine teaching and guidance:

SIN is our daily burden.

HOLINESS is our constant pursuit.

The FEAR of God is placed as sentinel of the soul, to watch the approach of the enemy.

GODLY SORROW is appointed the messenger to carry confessions, petitions, and desires to the throne of grace.

ZEAL is armed with a sword to cut off the sinful right hand, or pluck out the sinning right eye.

HOPE is placed on the watchtower to look out for the coming of the Lordówhen sin shall expire in His presence, and holiness be perfected in the rays of His glory.

FAITH is engaged to work for God and man, having . . .
  the promises for its support,
  the precepts for its guide,
  and love for its handmaid.

PATIENCE is appointed to keep all quiet and calm withinólet the burden ever so heavy, and the trial ever so severe. Patience will call submission and resignation into active employment, if fretfulness, murmuring, or dissatisfaction should attempt to stir.

PEACE is placed as a garrison, to keep the heart and mind from anxiety, foreboding, and fault-finding with the Lord's dealings.

JOY is directed to run backwards and forwards to the wells of salvation, to supply the soul with the reviving, invigorating, and strengthening waters of life! Thus evil is prevented, good is secured, God is glorified, Satan is foiled, and the soul is saved!