An almighty arm!

(James Smith, "Christ and the Christian" 1853)

"Hold me up—and I shall be safe!" Psalm 119:117

Is the Christian guided aright through this wilderness world?
It is by the wisdom of Christ!

He has no wisdom of his own—and he is surrounded by snares and foes! He has within him a principle of evil, which invariably prompts him to leave the right road. He is prone to miss the mark, like a broken bow. He is attracted and affected by external worldly objects, which feed the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, and the pride of life; and but for divine wisdom guiding him—he would stray into the fatal paths of folly and crime! To guide him aright, requires an omniscient eye, a wise intellect, and loving heart; and Jesus possesses and exercises these for the good of His people.

Is the Christian protected from the innumerable dangers and foes to which he is exposed?
It is by the power of Christ!

That power is his guard, and his defense. An almighty arm is placed beneath him—to uphold him. An almighty arm is lifted up—to defend him. He looks to it when foes assail him; he leans on it when his own strength fails him; and he trusts in it, in every hour of danger. Without the power of Jesus—he never could persevere; with it—he can never apostatize. It keeps him as a garrison keeps a town, as a shepherd keeps his flock, as a parent does his child.

Is the Christian supplied? Are his needs anticipated and met?
It is by the providence of Christ!

Jesus rules over all worlds!
He directs and controls all events!
He keeps His eye and His heart upon His people!
He is engaged to provide for them—and He sacredly keeps His engagement.

He is . . .
  observant of all our wants,
  attentive to our cries, and
  ready to supply our needs.

With Jesus for our provider—we are strengthened, supplied, and supported.

O Jesus! what would we be without You?
Dead in our sins!
Under eternal condemnation!
Slaves of our lusts!
Poor condemned criminals!
Depraved and polluted wretches!
Lost and wandering sheep!
Captives of Satan!
Wild and lawless rebels!
Miserable and starving paupers!
Exposed to the just wrath of Almighty God!

"Hold me up—and I shall be safe!" Psalm 119:117