He will slay his idols!

(William Tiptaft)

Real religion will find its way to the heart,
and its effect will be manifest in the life.

The Spirit's work is so little understood in the
present day. It is the work of the Holy Spirit
to convince of sin, to break the heart, and to
plough up the fallow ground.

When the Lord has taken a poor sinner in hand
He will never leave him, but will surely purge
away his dross and tin. He will slay his idols,
and tear him from those things he so much loves.
He will not be aware how many idols he has, until
God shows him in a measure the deceitfulness of
his heart.

The more God's children are taught spiritually, the
greater fools do they become in their own eyes; and
the more they know of their own wicked and vile state
by nature, the more are they astonished that God
should show mercy to such poor worms of the earth.