Timothy Shay Arthur

(June 6, 1809 – March 6, 1885)

"Timothy Shay Arthur has done more for American literature than any one other person. His name will be remembered and loved, when those of his critics will be forgotten, together with their productions. I doubt if there is another man in the country who has done such a vast, such a measureless amount of good with the pen. There is probably not another American writer who has produced so much, as Arthur."

"Arthur was the most popular and widely read author of his times!"

The following stories are not
theological, but rather uplifting
and character-building. Be blessed!

Biography of T.S. Arthur

Short ARTICLES by T.S. Arthur

Letters to a Young Wife,
from a Married Lady

The True Path, and How to Walk Therein

Advice to Young Ladies on
Their Duties and Conduct in Life

The Prodigal Daughter

The Divorced Wife

The Withered Heart!

After the Storm
(Must reading for wives!)

The Iron Rule or,
Tyranny in the Household

(Must reading for husbands!)

The Mother

True Riches
Or, Wealth Without Wings!

Sweethearts and Wives

Lovers and Husbands
A Story of Married Life

The Young Lady

Ten Nights in a Bar Room!

The Young Wife

Out in the World

Nothing but Money!

The Two Wives

Our Neighbors in the Corner House

Cast Adrift!

The Allen House

The Broken Heart

Religion in Common Life

Confessions of a Platonic Lover

The Book of Memory

Married Life,
Its Shadows and Sunshine

Married and Single

Rising in the World
A Tale for the Rich and Poor

The Maiden — The Wife — The Mother

The Debtor's Daughter

Pride and Prudence

Extravagant Living

The Shoemaker's Daughters

Stories for Parents

The Home Mission

The Angel and the Demon

Danger! Or,
Wounded in the House of a Friend!

The Hand, But Not the Heart

Trial and Triumph

Religion in Common Life

Home Scenes, and Home Influence

Lizzy Glenn

The Good Time Coming

The Old Man's Bride

Retiring from Business
Or, the Rich Man's Error

Advice to Young Men on Their
Duties and Conduct in Life

Jenny Lawson

Family Pride

An American Story of Real Life

A Dollar on the Conscience!

Three Years in a Man-trap

Keeping up Appearances

The Ways of Providence

Making Haste to Be Rich

The Village Gossip

Saved as by Fire!
(for those wrestling with alcohol)

Pride and Principle


"All of the books from the pen of Timothy Shay Arthur are most interesting, and of a high moral and useful tone. To read any of them, must improve the character and the conduct. Mr. Arthur's works are all wholesome; they inculcate morality and purify the feelings — by tastefully illustrating the beauties of virtue, and the iniquities of vice.

"His works will be read with interest by all the admirers of wholesome novels, and will be seized on with avidity by the thousands of readers who prefer Mr. Arthur's useful and instructive sketches — to the flimsy novels which overstock the market. To Mr. Arthur the public are indebted for a species of composition that while it affords delight, conveys at the same time, many moral and practical lessons for life." (Editor, 1855)


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