Home Scenes, and Home Influence

Timothy Shay Arthur, 1854

I Will!

Taking Comfort

The Power of Patience

A Mother's Influence

The Christmas Party

An Old Man's Recollections

If That Were My Child!

Losing One's Temper

Children--a Family Scene

Haven't the Change

Old Maids' Children

The Mother and Boy

Going into Mourning

Is She a Lady?

Trouble with Servants


Many of the scenes presented in this volume are such as show the mother's influence with her children; a few include the marriage relation; and a few give other domestic pictures. In all will be found, we trust, motives for self-denial and right action in the various conditions of domestic life. Home is the center of good, as well as of bad influence. How much, then, depends on those to whom have been committed the sacred trust of giving to the home-circle its true power over the heart!