Timothy Shay Arthur

(June 6, 1809 – March 6, 1885)

"Timothy Shay Arthur has done more for American literature than any one other person. His name will be remembered and loved, when those of his critics will be forgotten, together with their productions. I doubt if there is another man in the country who has done such a vast, such a measureless amount of good with the pen. There is probably not another American writer who has produced so much, as Arthur."

"Arthur was the most popular and widely read author of his times!"


(5 pages, written in 1850)

BOOKS by Timothy Shay Arthur

Letters to a Young Wife,
from a Married Lady


Character-building short stories:

(Must reading for husbands!)

Our Daily Life

Guests in the Heart

A Mother's Duty

The Shadows We Cast

Bear and Forbear

An Hour with Myself!

Loved Too Late
(Must reading for husbands!)

Our Life Romance

Imperishable Beauty!

Fruits of Sorrow

Very Poor!
(On Christian contentment!)

Who Are Happiest

Buy Only What You Need

At Home

Haven't Time
(Must reading for fathers!)

Kate's Experiment!
(must reading for wives)

The Power of Kindness

The Power of the Tongue!

Obedience in Children

Two Systems of Child Training

The Hypochondriac

The Gentle Warning

The Prodigal Son!

The Quest for Happiness

New Aims in Life

My First Sermon

The Bitter Cup!

Under a Cloud!

The Temptation!

A Word to Husbands

Don't Mention It!
(the sin of gossip)

The Emancipated Wife

Riches and Poverty!


Industry and Idleness

Romance and Reality

A Mystery Explained
(for all who struggle with debt)

The Wages of the Poor

From Death unto Life

Duty and Kindness

As We Forgive

Dealing with Adversity

Gentle Hand

The Fiery Trial

Angels with Us Unawares

An Angel in Disguise


Wheat or Tares?

The Two Pictures

The Merchant's Son

Is He a Christian?

Entering Heaven

Every Wrinkle a Line of Beauty

The Heiress!

The Humbled Pharisee

The Means of Happiness

A Lesson in Life
(about "retirement")

Following the Fashions

Now and Today

In the Way of Temptation

The Hard-hearted Husband

The Two Husbands

I Will!

Formation of Character
(for parents)

Do You Suffer More than Your Neighbor?

Bodily Deformity—Spiritual Beauty

Nothing to Spare!

Spending Money

Ours, Loved, and "Gone Before"

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Manly Gentleness


Hints and Helps for Married People

Three New Years Eves


The Evening Before Marriage


The Good Match!

Helping the Poor

Luxuries Lost and Happiness Won

Marrying Well

Engaged at Sixteen!

The Daughter-in-Law

Making a Sensation

Little Lizzie

Blessed Are the Beloved!

How to be Happy

Shadows from a Clouded Brow

Not Great, But Happy

The Step-mother

The Clerk's Marriage

Hints for Husbands

Three Ways of Managing a Wife

Giving That Does Not Impoverish

The Genii of the Gold Mines!

My Father

The School Girl

Riches and Poverty

The First Marriage in the Family

Not at Home!

The Darlington's

The Home of Taste

The Brilliant — and the Commonplace

Aunt Mary

The Cradle in the Garret

The Benefits of Music

Do You Know What Your Children Read?

Digging up Seeds

Golden Days!

The Power of Kindness

Poor Cousin Eunice

The Daughter

The Maiden's Error

The Dying Child

The Evening Prayer

The Social Serpent
(The sin of gossip!)

My Whistling Neighbor

Too Much Vinegar — and Too Little Honey

Other People's Eyes

Spare Moments

Jessie Hampton

You Are the Man!

The Unhappy Wife

The Estrangement

For the Fun of it!

How to Attain True Greatness

Forgive and Forget!

The Last Penny

A Peevish Day, and its Consequences

Domestic Happiness

The Iron Will

Love and Law

The Duties of Brothers and Sisters

An Evening at Home

Sisters and Brothers

The Brother's Temptation

The Son of My Friend

The Parkers

The Nursery Maid

The Thankless Office

Slow and Sure

Sunday Religion

The Deathbed


A Family Picture

Playing Mother

The Daughter

The Eleventh Commandment

Which Was Most the Lady?

On Guard

The Young Music Teacher

The Gift of Beauty

The Rich and the Poor

Regulation of the Temper

Be Patient with the Little Ones

Marrying a Count

He Must Have Meant Me!

A Good Investment

A Story of the American Revolution

The Wife

Good-Hearted People

The Darkened Pathway

If I Were Only in Heaven

Is it Well with You?

Our Heavenly Homes

Origin and Destiny

What's in a Name

Putting Your Hand in Your Neighbor's Pockets

A Penny Saved, Is a Penny Gained

The Sisters

Dressed for a Party

A Cure for Depression

Mary Turner

Human Life

I'll See About It

A Visit with the Doctor

Kind Words

A Talk about Marriage

A Bargain!

The Ruined Family

A Lesson of Contentment

The Life to Come

Paying the Pastor

Three Scenes in the Life of a Worldling

The Dead

We Are Led by a Way That We Know Not

Not as Our Ways

The Wanderer's Return

The Hermit!

Returning Good for Evil

Both are to Blame

The New Year's Gift

Not at Home!

Judging by Appearances

The Mistakes of a Rising Family

Had I Been Consulted

Encouragement in the Home

The Misunderstanding

The Old Village Church

Quarrels with Neighbors

No Time for Trouble

The Neglected One

A Gleam of Sunshine

The Touching Reproof

My Fortune's Made

The Grandfather's Advice

My Washerwoman

Owe No Man Anything

A Good Name

The Fatal Error


The Sunday Christian

Three Hundred a Year

The Love Secret

The Young Housekeeper

The Two Invalids

What Can I Do?



Have a Flower in Your Room

The White Dove

The Scarlet Poppy

Arthur Leland

Aunt Mary's Suggestion

Unredeemed Pledges


The Portrait!

Number Twelve



The Town Lot

How to Be Happy

A New Pleasure

Andy Lowell

Was it Murder, or Suicide?

Visiting Neighbors

The Invalid Wife

The Old Folks

How Teach Children Obedience

It's None of My Business

Human Longings for Peace and Rest

A Cure for Low Spirits

A Wife's Sermon

The Little Children

Passing Away

Sunshine at Home

The Use of Flowers

The Family of Michael Arout

An Angel in Every House

Great Principles and Small Duties

Vulgar People

Common People

Lucy's Secret

The Mothers Promise

Living like a Lady

The Right of Way

Maybe So

The Unruly Member

The Poor Child Died!

The Way of Transgressors

Shirt Buttons

The Lay Preacher

The Christian Gentleman


Encouraging the Poor

Godfather Virgil

The Story of the Broken Flower-pot

Out of Tune

Slave or Free?

The Temperance Song

The Temperance Pledge

The Fair Tempter


Little Molly

Two Ways with Servants

Jim Braddock's Pledge

The Failing Hope



The Distiller's Dream

Time, Faith, Energy

I Didn't Think of That

I Knew How it Would Be

Flushed with Wine

Brandy as a Preventative

Coffee Versus Brandy

The Methodist Preacher

The Face and the Life

Words Fitly Spoken

Girls' Heads Against Fathers' Hearts

Jacob Jones

My Mother

Rich and Rare Were the Gems She Wore

Blessing of a Good Deed

I'll See About It!

Home Shadows

The First Baby

A Scene from Real Life


The Two Homes

Look at the Other Side

The Poor Debtor

Making Haste to Be Rich

Home at Last!

Going Home

Mrs Winterford and Her Servants

Little Bill

Will it Pay?

The Circuit-preacher

The Newspaper

Taking Toll

Coals of Fire

Faith and Patience

How to Be Happy

Dick Lawson

John Mason

Out of the Frying-pan, and into the Fire!

The Hours of Life

The Duel

The Tavern-keeper

How to Cure a Drunkard

Something for a Cold

The Worth of a Doll

A Shocking Bad Memory

Mrs. Todd and Mrs. Jones

Starting a Newspaper

My Washerwoman

A Home for My Mother

A Fine Generous Fellow

Deaths of Little Children

Almost a Tragedy

Aunt Mary's Preserving Kettle

The Elixir

Hannah More, The Pilgrims!

Hannah More, All For The Best!

Hannah More, The Shepherd of Salisbury Plain

Hannah More, The Fair-Weather Christian

"All of the books from the pen of Timothy Shay Arthur are most interesting, and of a high moral and useful tone. To read any of them, must improve the character and the conduct. Mr. Arthur's works are all wholesome; they inculcate morality and purify the feelings — by tastefully illustrating the beauties of virtue, and the iniquities of vice.

"His works will be read with interest by all the admirers of wholesome novels, and will be seized on with avidity by the thousands of readers who prefer Mr. Arthur's useful and instructive sketches — to the flimsy novels which overstock the market. To Mr. Arthur the public are indebted for a species of composition that while it affords delight, conveys at the same time, many moral and practical lessons for life." (Editor, 1855)


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