Spurgeon's Song of Solomon sermons

Better than Wine

A Refreshing Canticle

The Unkept Vineyard; Or, Personal Work Neglected

Love to Jesus

The Church's Love to Her Loving Lord

A Bundle of Myrrh

The Rose and the Lily

The Best of the Best

The Lily among Thorns

Under the Apple Tree

Loved and Loving

Over the Mountains

A Song among the Lilies

Love's Vigilance Rewarded

Paved with Love

Fragrant Spices from the Mountains of Myrrh

A Secret and Yet No Secret

Grace for Communion

Asleep and Yet Awake ľA Riddle

Warning and Encouragement

Nearer and Dearer

The Soul's Desertion

Spices, Flowers, Lilies, and Myrrh

The Well-beloved

Altogether Lovely

The Best Beloved

The Church as She Should Be

Overcoming Christ

The Chariots of Amminadab

The Spiced Wine of My Pomegranate

Unpurchasable Love