The influence of the religion of the
heart, on the conduct of the life

by Hannah More, 1811

1. Christianity an Internal Principle

2. Christianity a Practical Principle

3. Mistakes in Religion

4. Periodical Religion

5. Prayer

6. Cultivation of a Devotional Spirit

7. The Love of God

8. The Hand of God to be acknowledged
in the Daily Circumstances of Life

9. Christianity Universal in its Requisitions

10. Christian Holiness

11. On the comparatively small Faults and Virtues

12. Self-Examination

13. Self-Love

14. On the Conduct of Christians in
their Dealings with the Irreligious

15. Christian Watchfulness

16. True and False Zeal

17. Insensibility to Eternal Things

18. On the Sufferings of Good Men

19. The Temper and Conduct of the
Christian in Sickness and in Death

"The fear of God begins with the heart, and purifies and rectifies it; and from the heart, thus rectified, grows a conformity in the life, the words and the actions." Matthew Hale's Contemplations